How To Line The Walls Of Your Rooms With One Million Flowers Dior Style

It was the Dior Couture autumn/winter 2012 show that had the audience falling over themselves because of the one million flowers used to decorate the rooms in which Raf Simon‘s debut show was held. That’s right: one MILLION flowers.

The walls were covered in a combination of roses, dahlias, orchids, peonies and pretty much any other exquisite flower you can imagine that would be ideal for such an occasion. It took four days for the walls to be lined with all the flowers that were necessary to complement the show that was only 15 minutes long. Can you imagine how amazing those rooms smelled?

Now, for those of you looking to do the same thing to the rooms in your home, here’s the video of exactly how it was done. I suggest you call in your friends for this project, because you’re going to need several extra sets of hands to make this work.

Photo: YouTube

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    • Lo

      I’m disappointed that the video didn’t show the moment when they released a vat of wasps over the audience.

    • jgm

      OMG do not do that because SPIDERS you guys. Never ever cover your walls in 3D anything because that is how you die from spider infestation.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I don’t know what you’re on, but I want some.

      • holleeta

        I can’t stop laughing SPIDERS