Nude Heels: Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

I’m about to purchase my first pair of nude heels. For most of my life I have been anti-anything nude in color because I find it boring and too muted. Despite the fact that my mother has told me time and time again I should own at least one nude bra and panties set, I do not listen. There is no place for nude in my life.

However, after trying on a pair of nude heels earlier this week, I was struck by several things. First of all, although I already knew this, they really, really do make your legs look intensely long! I was strutting back and forth in front of the mirror as if I were on a runway in which I was the tallest model in the world.

Secondly, they go with absolutely everything. You can’t wear your black heels with navy, or your navy heels with black, and brown heels can’t be worn with grey, and grey heels are a rare find. It’s a very complicated world in which we live.

Thirdly, they’re so “in” at the moment. I feel like without them, I’m not in the club and, obviously, I desperately want to be in the club so my existence can be validated.

As I was prancing around in front of the mirror like I had had too many martinis during lunch, a woman remarked to her friend how “ugly” she found nude heels to be. She continued to say, as if I were deaf or not there at all, that they made everyone look like they were “missing their feet and were walking around on stumps.” While I appreciated the image her statement gave my brain, I silently disagreed with her. I do not have stumps! I have long glorious legs thanks to these shoes — how could she not see that? How could anyone not see that I am now the tallest model in all the world?

She clearly needed to get her eyes checked. I’m hoping she’ll do just that this weekend.

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Photo: W Magazine

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    • Lo

      I welcome any stump-lengthening device, as along as it a) doesn’t throttle my ankles and b) is a nude compatible with my pasty, pasty feet.

    • Starofthemag

      I just bought a pair last month to wear with a black dress for a wedding. I was previously uninterested in them for much the same reasons as you: bleah, boring, no colour, etc. I bought a strappy wedge and they’re edgy and flattering and I can pretty much wear them with anything!

    • Lemona

      At first I thought they looked weird –like female ice skaters wearing those flesh colored skates, but then I started to like the look. Now I’m afraid that by the time I actually buy a pair, they’ll be out of style.

      So please wear them, Amanda, knowing your legs look long and beautiful, and then update us in, oh, 8 months, on whether or not you have come to see yourself as a footless miscreant, so I will know whether or not to buy some as well. Thanks!

    • Ash

      I’m not a fan simply because I cannot find a pair of nude heels for my skin tone. I I always laugh when my friends are like “you should wear these really high nude heals to make your legs longer” and they hand me some peach-coloured shoes. If I can find them in a decent shade of brown I might get in on the “nude” trend, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Tesoribelle

      I love nude heels. I’m already tall and don’t neccasarily wear them for leg lengthening, but they really pull certain looks together. They look great paired with bold colored clothing, and can add dimension to all all black ensemble. I hate black with red and don’t like dressing too matchy matchy, so they are perfect with a red dress or even navy.

    • b3v

      I used to resist them, thinking meh, but then I got an office job and I kinda had to get a pair so I could do their “corporate look”…and I fell IN LOVE. It looks sooo put together.
      Seriously, I feel like this woman was just feeling bitchy and you happened to be the target. Rock on with your nude heels Miss Chatel!

    • Kj

      I have grey heels! …but no black ones. Such is my weird, weird wardrobe.

      Anyways, this is very timely because yesterday I bought this very colourful dress, and even though I have never considered nude heels before, I though, Dayum, this dress needs some nude heels.

      So yes… team nude heels.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Where oh where did you get your grey heels?! TELL ME.

    • Amy

      DEFINITELY in the nude heels camp and have been for yonks. I think it’s something you tend to come to when you develop a more sophisticated style. They always look elegant and classy and they make your legs go on forever.


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