‘Thanks To Fifty Shades Of Grey, I’ll Never Shop At Old Navy Again’

So said my sister this morning. Of course, having not read the books, the comment was lost on me. So she ran to the other room, grabbed the third book in the series, Fifty Shades of Freed, and explained it to me, or rather read it to me:

“She sounds like a rich kid who’s had all she ever wanted, but as I take a closer look at her clothes — she’s dressed in Walmart, or Old Navy possibly — I know that isn’t it. She hasn’t grown up in an affluent household.”

“As you can see,” said my sister, “Old Navy is the same as Walmart. No one shops at Walmart, especially for clothes. I mean, I was on the way out with Old Navy anyway because their products are crap, but this really made an impact on me.”

“I didn’t realize you had ever been in a Walmart,” I said.

“Once. But please don’t put that part in your post.”

“I also didn’t realize you were an avid Old Navy shopper. I feel like I don’t even know you anymore,” I said, ignoring her request.

“Occasionally, I’d pop in there for something cheap which I full expected to fall apart within a few weeks. They had some cute dresses when I was pregnant. But Christian Grey says…”


Christian Grey says, Christian Grey says… if only I had a penny for every time I heard that lately. But I guess that’s what the world is coming to: fictional characters are now dictating how and where people should shop.

For those of you who have read Fifty Shades of Grey, did that line resonate with you as well? Is it super snobby of me if I said I didn’t realize Walmart had a clothing section for adults? Will someone tell me when this fucking Fifty Shades of bullshit will come to an end? I can’t live this way anymore!

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    • Lindsay

      I live in Old Navy V-necks. I am wearing one as I type this. They are usually 2 for $10 or something and they are my favorite shirts. I have not and will not read 50 Shades of ANYTHING. I read the Twilight Series, so I believe I have been through enough.

    • Lastango

      I shop at WalMart regularly.

      Some economists think WalMart has singlehandedly lowered the cost of living for the average American by at least a couple of percentage points, and has been an important check on consumer price inflation. That’s an unalloyed social good.

      “According to a study released by UBS/Warburg, the world’s largest private employer — Wal-Mart — can boost a marginal family’s spending power by 10% or more.”


      • Alex

        The price of a lot of produce went down in other grocery stores to compete with Walmart once it entered in Canada. Also it definitely had a HUGE impact on the restructuring of the Hudson Bay Co – The Bay and Zellers and even on Sears to some extent – clothing prices at these department stores are actually reasonable now. I personally love Walmart.

      • Kaylin
      • Lastango

        Hi Kaylin!

        I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone from your team to show up, because WalMart is mostly non-union. The info at your link is coming from Good Jobs First, a false flag operation for labor unions and their allies who want to make sure that if a public dollar gets spent it ends up in their own pockets:


        Speaking of paying through our taxes, Good Jobs First joins the AFL-CIO and other groups in advocating for green jobs… that notoriously inefficient slush of public cash funneled to politically-connected operators who (a) all too often pocket the money before their companies collapse, or (b) suckle at the public teat decade after decade like GE (aka Government Electric).

    • Sarah

      my boyfriend’s aunt, who works at wal-mart, gave me this book over the weekend. i guess that means i’m reading it now… sigh.
      so far i don’t hate it but i’m only on chapter3.

    • Melissa

      Right now I’m wearing a skirt AND cardigan, both purchased at Old Navy at least a couple years ago. Old Navy is definitely NOT the same as WalMart! Also, I think your sister is misinformed because Old Navy is pretty much the EXACT same line as the Gap, only cheaper, and nothing I have from Old Navy has ever fallen apart…and I get tons of compliments on cute skirts and dresses I’ve gotten there. The only bad thing is their sizes are real wonky, but as long as you try stuff on it’s nbd.

      Also I read about 20 pages of 50 Shades and it was some of the worst writing I have ever read, not to mention it was cheesy as hell. I can’t believe how popular it is!

      • Melissa

        Also, Christian Grey sounds like a real douche.

      • Amanda Chatel

        My sister and I both worked at the Gap in college so she should be well aware… it’s that fucking Christian Grey! He’s destroying the world!

    • Lo

      If you’re suffering from Anastasia Rose Steele and the Master of the Universe as much as I am, I highly recommend Jennifer Armintrout’s summaries (her name dot blogspot etc).

      Christian Grey would make the best Wal-Mart greeter.

    • Ella Jane

      I am wearing a dress from WalMart RIGHT NOW.

      Granted, it’s from Norma Kamali’s diffusion line she did a couple years back, but hey – Kamali’s Kamali.

    • Cee

      Hm. There is a lot of snob on this post. Some people can’t always shop at designer stores. Not to mention it is stupid to buy a $90 white t shirt just because Goop told you to when you can get one for 5 bucks at Old Navy, Walmart or anywhere else you deem trashy AND buy 85 dollars of groceries or a few bills for a month. There should be no shame or big “I was pregnant” excuse for shopping there. There are surprisingly very cute and long lasting things. I buy staples such as camis, socks, tanks and a surprising cute/season item or two at cheaper stores and will shell out for key items like long lasting jeans, a leather jacket and nice shoes at other stores. I find it smarter. Snob doesn’t pay my rent.

    • Lo

      No hate for Old Navy! They carry tall sizes! Which, for a 5’11″ lady like myself is a godsend when it comes to cardigans. (I love me some cardigans.)

      They also have short sizes for those less vertically-inclined.

      • Melissa

        LOVE the short sizes! :)

    • Lexii

      I am not a fan of Walmart, simply because they censor their music, but sell movies, worse than any music could be, and don’t think twice. And their return policy is absolutely horrible. I don’t shop much at Old Navy either but I don’t really have a problem with it. I haven’t read 50 shades either because I choose to read real books, that don’t sound like they were written by a fourteen year old girl who just discovered Rocky Horror Picture Show. (No hate to RHPS, I love that movie)

      But yes I agree this 50 shades and Twilight insanity need to stop. It’s so sad that the woman who wrote it makes a million dollars a week– literally– and there are real writers out there struggling.

    • Mimz

      Id say it is super snobby of you, you and your sister both.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh, yes, we’re both snobs — extreme snobs… like the snobbiest of the snobs.

    • Marissa

      I guess it just sorta reminds me of when everyone in the mid-’90s wore tommy hilfiger/ralph lauren/ck1 shirts. Even the poor kids did, only their shirts were hanes shirt with the exactly same thing on it.

      My feeling is that unless you’re concientious of buying American or at least not from a sweatshop, you might as well buy what’s cute at whatever store you want. Unless you’re getting true designer clothes (which I find somewhat ludicrous on multiple levels), you can probably find at least one thing you like at any of those stores.

      Is Old Navy easier to shop in than Wal-Mart? Sure. But only by the minimal amount of comfort I get from not having to see People of Wal-Mart levels of hopelessness versus the hopelessness of People of Old Navy.

    • Amy

      I definitely won’t judge people for wearing Old Navy or Walmart, but I do judge people who say they thought Fifty Shades of Grey was a really good book.

      • Amanda Chatel

        As you should.

    • holleeta

      This is why I love you.

      I had to endure my best friend sending my screenshots of 50 Shades daily for a week while she read all three books. I think those books are for people who have vanilla sex and need the excitement. Also, I pretty much refuse to read anything that everyone else is reading because the general population has SHIT taste in literature.

      I’m sorry i missed when this thread was hot! The Walmart defending on this thread makes me sick. The ignorance. Those $5 shirts come at a cost, you selfish fucks. The truth is that most Americans buy a bunch of shit they don’t fucking need to impress all of their neighbors and fill their vacant lives. That’s why Americans love Walmart because it encourages this behavior with such low costs. I’m all about quality over quantity. I’d rather spend money on products that I know were made in America and the workers were paid fair wages than supporting slavery and child labor in other countries. Walmart is for white trash and the elderly. At least if you are going to support child labor, go to Target where you can shop amongst the middle class and buy cute shit you don’t need. Yes, I’m a fucking bitchy snob and like all snobs, I don’t care.

      • Amanda Chatel

        And this is why I love you back.

      • Lastango

        “I’d rather spend money on products that I know were made in America and the workers were paid fair wages than supporting slavery and child labor in other countries.”

        Great comment. It’s not often someone is so honest about their political agenda. “Fair wages” is all about making sure bottom-scale workers abroad don’t compete. Of course, they won’t have jobs then, so maybe no food on the table or roof over their head, but – hey – there are campaign contributions at stake.

        “Walmart is for white trash and the elderly.” How old are you parents, and how long do you think they’re going to live or be in good health? God bless them.