Gallery: 20 Ways Berlin Is Different From New York

So I just got back to New York after seven weeks in Europe, four of which I spent living in Berlin. I’d never even been to Berlin before, but my boyfriend told me I’d like it there, and I trust him to know what kinds of things I like, so I went. I liked it so much, you guys. One might even say I loved it. I’d even be willing to live there indefinitely, if I could get a visa and import at least 10% of my friends. I won’t say it’s better than New York, exactly, but it’s different. Sometimes in good ways, and sometimes just in random ways. Here are some of the differences I was able to photograph.


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    • Lindsey

      Not sure if joke or not… but that’s not Neil Patrick Harris?

      • F.

        From that angle, Oliver Kahn strangely looks like NPH though…

      • Jamie Peck


    • Anne

      I will be in Berlin next week! So much looking forward to all this and more :o)

    • Amanda Chatel

      Well, you convinced me! I’m going this fall!

      • Jamie Peck

        Hooray! Don’t forget the clurrrrbs, either. (Previously:

      • Amanda Chatel

        When I first read that last week, I meant to heckle you, but forgot. BUT since I, too, don’t usually roll that way musically, I will admit that your post inspired me to give it a shot. I will just need drugs… lots and lots of drugs.

    • K

      That’s not a playground in slide 11, it’s a bar (they put tables on the sand in the evenings).
      They have normal playgrounds.

    • MJ

      gawdammit stop wearing that dress. I love it so! I must find you and steal it away.

    • Dagmara

      That’s not a pizza, but a Turkish dish.

      • Amy

        Don’t you dare take vagina pizzas away from us!