• Sat, Jul 14 2012

10 HowAboutWe Dates With Some French Flair

Happy Bastille Day!

Even if you’re not French, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the storming of the Bastille with French wine and a new friend. No matter where you live you can always find someone who embraces other cultures and are willing to try something that just might be somewhat un-American in nature — the horrors!

Our partner, HowAboutWe, has a bunch of fellas who want to impress you with their international knowledge. Whether it means cooking you something exotic you’ve never had before, introducing you to a band from Eastern Europe or simply speaking French to you while you try to figure out what he’s saying, there’s a man for you.

Do yourself a favor and either click on the fellas below or head to TheGloss dating page to check out even more suitable suitors.


You know the drill, so hop to it. À bientôt!

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