Kate Upton Responds To Awful People Calling Her Fat On The Internet

Last week saw the publication of a post on SkinnyGossip that derided Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton for being fat. The post, entitled “Kate Upton is Well-Marbled,” (!) is one of the nastiest things we’ve read in a while (it’s actually jaw-dropping). After comparing Upton to a cow, calling her vulgar and just being a complete asshole (“Yes, it’s the lovely Kate Upton, confidently lumbering up a runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with an average girl like Kate being confident.”) the post caused a bit of an internet shitstorm–Anonymous intervention and all–that prompted SkinnyGossip to release an embarrassingly disingenuous about-face, insisting the site has never encouraged self-harm (sure) and something about how it’s a community or whatever. Great. Here’s one of the statement’s more bizarre logical failures:

As a thin person, I was also annoyed by our double-standards around weight. For example, people think nothing of telling a thin woman – to their face, in front of an entire group of people – how skinny they are and even to suggest what they should eat. But I’ve never seen the reverse happen to an overweight woman.

It also seems thin is only OK if it’s an accident. We hear thin celebrities say “damn, I eat like a horse and I just can’t gain weight!” This is a lie and one they feel they must tell, because honesty (“I work hard for this body!”) is for some reason socially unpalatable. It’s also terrible because it feeds the delusion that our body weight is outside of our control.

As a reasonable person, we are doubly annoyed that the author internalized some perceived pressures about her own body and released it by saying monstrous things about other people’s bodies on the internet. But, let’s just move on and hope we never hear from Skinny Gossip again.

Anyway, Kate Upton has since  responded to the whole thing by saying, “I’m not going to starve just to be thin. I want to enjoy life and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable.” Fair!

While her rep adds: “It’s absurd. Kate is gorgeous and very healthy.”

And you know how we feel about all this.

(The Sun, Photo via Wenn)


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    • Quin

      God, the comments on that site make me want to throw up. They’re fat-shaming people for being 120-150 pounds at heights of 5’7+. Jesus, and the site says it doesn’t promote anorexia. They need to wake the fuck up and realize that there is a wide range of weights that can be healthy, and moreover, that it’s not their place to go all mean girls on specific people for not being anorexic.
      Ugh… breathe in, breathe out.

    • sally

      everyone is entitled to feel how they want. Fat people lead unhealthy lives and are prone to mounts of health problems. Super skinny people that starve themselves too.

    • Cate

      I don’t really get the fuss over Kate Upton, but that article is just horrible and mean. I’m so glad she knows how to respond to such things with grace.

    • L

      so once that article got posted, I got curious and went and explored the website. oh. my. god. i couldn’t even imagine the vile nasty angry hateful shit those girls posted. be that as it may, the comment that you posted in your article, i thought was one of the actual reasonable and legit ones. For one, as a heavier person who’s trying to get in shape, (or rather lose weight…im in pretty good shape as it is) i have no qualms about looking at someone super skinny and saying “christ, she should eat a sandwich,” at the same time never considering that “she” may have been born that way. and i have witnessed numerous times someone commenting on how another person is sooo thin right to their face. it’s a crappy double standard.

      and as the commenter points out (as much as we want to deny it) managing your weight is NOT outside your control. i’m living proof of this.

      • Amy

        I spent some time browsing the site too and the thing I found the most alarming was that they all seem to clearly recognize what qualifies as a “healthy weight,” they just don’t want to be that. The people that comment are aiming for underweight and “super skinny.”

        Scary. I’m happy being labeled “healthy.”

      • Topf

        I dont think there’s a double standard. I’ve witnessed heavier people receiving lectures at the supermarket and people generally talking awfully about fat people. Health concerning weight is a clear lose/lose situation for everyone.

    • lucygoosey74

      Yes, skinnygossip.com is revolting. I picture the “community members” hunched over their computers, collar bones and ribs popping out, gaunt faces like vultures, bony little fingers typing mean things about how fat and unhealthy the rest of the world is as their tummies growl and their hostility grows…..

    • Kj

      30 lbs overweight?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

      I’m not a Kate Upton fan at all, but seriously? Also, various fat-hating trolls, I doubt that a little micro-roll on Kate’s side is putting her at risk of catastrophic diabetes.

      Once, I might, might have care what these vultures had to say. But now… meh. Life is seriously too short to pay attention to these morons.

      *shrugs and gets back to my donut burger and Belgian wit beer.*

    • Laura

      Ha, real models don’t have time to be writing blog posts about how gross eating is and how other people who eat are cows. These girls who write/use SkinnyGossip are not skinny models, they are enjoying an online FANTASY of being “perfect”. I know enough real models as a makeup artist to know that people who are proud of their bodies, would not take the time or the energy to tear apart somebody elses

    • Bradley Barnett

      Listen morons;the ultimate goal,I would think,for most of us,who don’t know,or don’t want to know what happens when these issues no longer matter,have this to say.

      IMHO,most models do not eat what they want. They must watch carefully what they eat,unless they simply ‘sample’ all foods,excepting the one’s that are 14. Skinny can be attractive IF the legs are too,,,,,if NOT,,,skinny is ugly. Faces matter alot. IF you have average looks,and have large legs;then become a lawyer or a great salesman.

      The so called skinny models,when they are stripped of make up,look like trailer trash. You can find the most beautiful girls/women living in poverty,financially speaking, or spiritually.

      Kate Upton is and will be an icon in 10 years;not because she’s better looking than 99% of the women in this world but because she exudes something called charisma. You can’t gain it or lose it.

    • Bob

      Nope, the girl ain’t fat, but she does have one of the worst figures I’ve ever seen on a woman. Just awful. No hourglass curves at all and lower legs thinner than chopsticks. And this girl is a swimsuit model??!!

    • plexonics

      If Kate Upton is a cow then MOOOOO for me!