Ohio Woman Chrissy Lance Panhandling For Breast Implants

Whenever “breast implants” are in the news, it’s almost always the case that someone is doing something horrible. For example, the most recent implants-related story on this very website concerned the Marshall girls–the so-called Implant Family of the UK–who are shocked that the youngest member of the clan doesn’t want breast implants (she’s 14, obviously). Beyond that, it’s usually “real life Barbie” Sarah Burge and her ilk, spewing dreadful nonsense and pretending the rest of us are just haters.

This week, however, Ohio woman Chrissy Lance is adding a thrifty new dimension to breast implant-related headlines.

Lance has been panhandling at the corner of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue for the last few days, sitting astride a motorcycle while wearing a bikini and over-the-knee boots. Her sign says, “Not homeless. Need boobs.” She’s panhandling for a breast augmentation and apparently she’s raised about $90.

Lance is a student and single mom, working as a bartender. She says she needs $5000 for the operation and adds that the implants will go to “[improving] her self-esteem.” Say what you want about cosmetic surgery, publicity stunts, body image and dubious avenues to self-esteem: Lance’s move will probably glean her enough attention to hit her goal in the next few days.

If you are the one person out there wondering about the legality of this ridiculousness, Lance also claims she has the required permit to panhandle in Akron.

(WUSA via HuffPo)

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    • bb

      haha, that’s awesomely hilarious. if i drove by and saw her i would give a dollar.

    • Mike

      She wants it to boost her self esteem, yet goes out in public in a bikini and asks for money. seems legit.

    • Lisa
    • Flory

      She’s not the only person that does that. I recently read about a site where people donate money for anonymous women…off course to have breast implants:)
      I recently went trough a breast augmentation surgery in Toronto at http://www.edelsteincosmetic.com/ and even if I had to do a financial effort I wouldn’t agree to receive money from strangers to have the surgery….No because I’m the only person that will benefit after the surgery, off course together with my husband:P and it would be strange to think that an unknown person had an important role in this change that made my life better

    • alie

      This is unbelievable! I drive on Manchester every day and see a man that has no nose and a woman with no legs and no one will stop and give t.hem money and I’ve witnessed the man myself get a hot dog from the change he collected and acted like he hasn’t eaten in days. Yet this woman can get money for a breast implant what is wrong with people.

    • http://www.tcclinic.com/ Cosmetic Canada

      We cannot judge her if she wants Breast Implant . People have reasons and have their own ways of making themselves complete and happy.

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