Breaking Bald: 10 Men Who, Like Walter White, Look Hot With A Shaved Head

If you watched Breaking Bad last night, you probably noticed it was a feast for the eyes if bald men are your thing. Not only were Walt and Jesse rocking their shaved heads, but even Ted decided to join the club. Albeit Ted’s reasoning was not one of choice, but still — outside of Saul it was definitely a treat for those who find bald heads to be sexy. It also seems very fitting if you’re going to be “bad.” For some reason no hair and bad behavior goes hand-in-hand — just look at Jason Statham and the characters he tends to play.

After watching the season premiere of Breaking Bad and wiping the drool from my mouth because of my addiction to both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul‘s characters, I started wondering why more men don’t shave their heads. Even if they have great hair, some guys look equally attractive, if not more so, when their hair is gone. Think about Charlie in Girls. He was nothing special, then voila! Once he shaved that head he was definitely someone you wanted to watch a wee bit too long, or even pull a Marnie and scurry off to the bathroom to masturbate.

As you can see Breaking Bad had some sort of warped effect on me and now all I want to do is Google hot guys with shaved heads. I feel boy crazy. I feel like I’m 13 again. I feel like Walter White is making me do things I wouldn’t normally do, but what can I say? Show me a sociopath and I’ll show you me in love.


Photo: AMC

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    • Alle C

      Glaring omission: PATRICK STEWART.

      • E


        Vociferously seconded!

      • Amanda Chatel

        My apologies! I don’t know how I could have missed him… he is pretty damn hot.

    • Jen

      That picture of Bryan Cranston gives me some Very Interesting Feelings. In my pants.

      • Amanda Chatel

        ME TOO.

    • Amy

      Taye Diggs is on an awful doctor show called Private Practice. Worth watching for him!

    • aditya menon

      I didn’t know so many chicks dig bald heads. Good to know ;)

    • holleeta

      I would like to add Ryan Gosling in The Believer to this list. That was the first time I was ever introduced to him as an actor and I still think he’s sexiest in that movie.

      RE: Channing Tatum. Amanda, I too felt that way about him until I saw him in Haywire and then in 21 Jump Street, where he gave me a cop fetish (and I hate cops). I fought the urges for the past few years and would always tell my sister I didn’t get what she saw in him, but the man is sexy as fuck. I’m a definite believer after seeing him dance to “Pony” in Magic Mike. I’m glad he is getting more serious roles because the talent is there.