Subway PDA: How Do You Feel?

Anne Hathaway was spotted on the subway recently sucking face with her fiance, Adam Shulman. They’re a great-looking couple and all, but how do you feel about a subway make-out? And yes, I am calling this a make-out even though it looks for all intents and purposes like just a kiss. Look how she’s leaning in there. This is a full-on face-smash. How do you feel?

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    • meteor_echo

      Zero qualms about PDA here. I’m, in fact, all for holding hands, hugging, snuggling in public etc.

    • Eileen

      I think holding hands, having your arms around each other, leaning on each other, kissing each other on the cheek is cute…but I get really uncomfortable when other people kiss on the mouth in front of me. Even when it isn’t make-out level, even when it’s just because people banged on their glasses at your wedding or pointed the kiss cam at you.

      I mean, obviously there’s nothing wrong with it. I know this. But I feel very “I hate it.”

    • Southerngirl

      In a crowded public place I think you should only hold hands. In a restaurant booth for example or a less crowded public enviornment I think a kiss is ok. My husband always holds my hand in public if it is feasible. He also always kisses me after he opens car doors for me.