Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist BEFORE You Dye Your Hair

Some of us are very tentative about dying our hair. Fine, me. I am very tentative about dying my hair.  Fortunately, Cherry Petenbrink – the Joico colorist who co-created the wigs for The Hunger Games – was on hand to discuss options (I got a slightly red gloss, which is fantastic). If you’re not in her capable hands, she recommends that you ask your colorist the following questions to insure you get the results you want:

1. Will permanent or Demi permanent color be used? Permanent hair color isn’t permanent in the sense that it never fades, but in the fact that it changes the structure of the hair permanently. So, unless you’re lightening hair or covering a lot of grey, a demi/semi-permanent color is the way to go. Make sure it’s ammonia free and PH balanced to keep your hair in optimum condition.

2. What is the maintenance and upkeep? See how often you will need touch-ups. The further you go from natural color, the higher the maintenance the color, and the more frequently you’ll have to have it retouched.

3. Discuss dryer use afterwards. If lighteners are being used (as they are in highlights) do not go under a dryer afterwards – additional heat causes the lighteners to act too aggressively and creates unrepairable damage. A glaze or gloss ( think top coat of a manicure ) should follow to highlights.

4. How long will the results last? Semi, Demi and permanent color can all have different longevity. Porosity and condition of the hair can also affect results. Discuss so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

5. What is the recommended home maintenance? Sulfate free or color extend shampoos may be prescribed. You invested in the service so be sure to discuss how to keep it beautiful.

Pic via Indulgy

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    • Fabel

      I want to seee what it looks like!

      • Fabel

        (a slightly red gloss sounds like a good choice, though)

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        Hair tease –I see what you did there, and I like it. This week I’m liking puns . . . obviously I’m turning into my dad, so next up is reading every word in the newspaper while wearing a flannel robe, sitting in the backyard in an old lawn chair. Good times ahead!

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      of course you got a GLOSS. hahahahahaha

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        High five through the internet.

    • Maggie

      If you rly have trouble choosing a color (like i do,) play around with faceinhole. you can upload photos of your hair-inspiration to get an idea of how it will look

    • Lisa Jackson

      How often can you dye your hair with beijin hair dye