Why Is Everyone So Excited About This Batman Movie?

And if you’re going to be into Superman movies, Batman really is the character easiest to identify with because he’s not actually that super. He’s not, say, only vulnerable to kryptonite. He can’t shoot webs out of his fingers. He doesn’t have some glowing orb protecting his heart (Iron Man, I’m talking about Iron Man). Batman’s only power is having a lot of money.

Which, of course, is the kind of thing that makes you feel okay about being a money gobbling troll/captain of industry.

I like Batman, because he’s the most human of all of the supers. He’s also, to me, the one who best embodies the idea that if you stare into the void, the void stares back. Batman doesn’t stop doing his job and then rush happily to watch Mary Jane rehearse in a play. He does not wake up in the morning and go to work at a Newspaper. Sure, Batman has downtime. He has fun, but it’s kind of dark fun. I always assumed that in his free time he did cocaine and slept with models and was kind of sad about it. He doesn’t stand around baking delicious scones and listening to country music. That’s Alfred’s job.

I love Alfred best of all. If I were a billionaire, all I’d do is try to convince Alfred to be my butler. I’d bribe him. I’d offer to let him use the jet whenever he wanted to visit his family. Maybe I would also mention the way people would be statistically much less likely to try to kill him if he worked for me.

So. That’s why I’m excited about this Batman movie. Because I love rich people doing things, darkness, and America.

But everyone else also has reasons, right? Probably reasons that are more general.

Why are people so excited about this? Is it just because it’s the end of the trilogy? I mean, frankly, the movies seem kind of disconnected from one another (while I think Nolan’s stance to not even discuss the Joker in this film is completely understandable, that, in addition to the way the love interests change so dramatically, makes me feel like every one of these movies is its own separate entity). Is it because people want to see Anne Hathaway doing burglar stuff and presumably working out some of her residual Raffaello Follieri issues? Is it because you really, legitimately, did love all the comic books as a kid? If you are going to this movie, why are you going?

There’s got to be someone who is just going because they, like Bruce Wayne, are attempting to overcome their fear of bats, right?

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    • Sean

      From a male perspective, especially one that grew up with comic books and an active imagination, the fascinating part of Batman is not only the millionaire playboy angle of Bruce Wayne, but the simple fact that Batman is driven to be a superhero. He has a vendetta, and from that the extremely dark character angle.

      Batman is one of the few superheros villains actually FEAR. The obsession with bringing them down is magnified by the darkness of his character. He’s not like Superman or Wonder Woman, where it’s more like “aw crap, here they come, they’re going to catch me,” it’s more like “oh dear God, Batman just appeared, and I know he’s going to feed me my own nuts before leaving me for the cops.”

      Combine darkness, justice, and enough money to never wear the same thing twice while partying with debutantes and you’ve pretty much got the perfect superhero. Read: Batman. :-)

    • Candace

      Actually, I’m going to see it because I’m in Paris and miss hearing people speak English! Besides my boyfriend.

      And because I want to see Princess Mia take it to the next level.

    • Erin

      My brother has a theory that involves the death of the current Batman and the emergence of a new Batman. I’m anxious to see if he’s right.

    • holly

      I am literally going to pee my pants when i see this movie! There is something about batman that makes me want to go out and just be good. I felt proud, unsettled, and dare I say it, patriotic when i saw the last one. (yes, i know this is not captain america. but, that’s just me)

    • macalny

      From someone who has never read a single comic book – I literally did not know who Peter Parker was until I saw Tobey Maguire as Spiderman – I love Christopher Nolin’s Batman movies because they’re fucking good movies! I saw “Batman Begins” for reasons I cannot recall and was simply blown away. I did not expect to enjoy it, but, like Iron Man, I relatively quickly found myself sucked into the story, the visuals, the characters, etc. They are quite simply solid movies. Add to that the fact that yes, Batman is a great superhero and it’s a slam-dunk.

    • holleeta

      Because Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard are in it. I’ll watch anything with them. Also, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. An excellent cast.

      At least for me that’s why I’m excited. I really don’t give a shit about comic book heroes. I also think this movie could do without Anne Hathaway and her overrated acting.