What Your Peeing Style Says About You

Everybody pees! And just like snowflakes, every pee is unique. We pee when we’ve had too much coffee at the office, too much booze at the bar, or too much water at the gym. We pee when we’re crying, standing, sitting, laughing, and yes, sometimes pooping. But what abouthow we pee?

Don’t be least bit surprised that how you sit solo in a stall reveals an awful lot about your personality. Curious about the nature of your number one? Click “Start Slideshow” to find our what your peeing style says about you.

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    • L

      what does holding it until you’re home have to do with being skinny?

      • L

        ps. please see jamie’s article on fat shaming…

      • btw

        don’t get pissed off.

      • X

        It fits into that whole control freak thing. i.e. you’re able to eat salad each day for lunch, you’re able to control yourself to the point where you don’t eat and are stick thin. I found it amusing. Lighten up a little.

    • btw

      brandy is the #1 fat shamer

    • Ellen W.

      I love the photo of the urinal-goer. Not just because her hair looks great, but that’s part of it.

    • Cee

      Squatters pee all over the toilet seat…I hate them.

      • scarlett

        Cee your right. And …Squatters should be punished!

    • Starofthemag

      Slide 8, line 2, “You have your own assistant you does your errands” where ‘you’ should be ‘who’, unless you were going for a ‘The Help’ kind of a thing… you is smart, you has your own assistant, you does your errands, you is important…I can has cheezburgers?

      Not doing my homework is turning me into one heck of a proofreader but as of today I’m two assignments down and two to go for what is arguably the worst class I’ve ever taken. Nerts to you, French Lit.

      • Dawn

        I just laughed out loud, you is funny.

      • Dawn

        I just laughed out loud, you is funny.

    • Maeishes

      where do you get those funnel? can anyone tell me, please?

    • Marillion

      “You’re a devil-may-care type that never learned about trichomoniasis in high school.”

      Neither did you, apparently. You can’t catch diseases from a toilet seat. Presumably you sit on the sit with your thighs, not with your vulva.

    • Sam

      Wow, sitting on a toilet seat like a normal person makes me a pot-smocking slacker? Who knew! Thank you for showing me my wicked ways. From now on, I’ll make sure I squat over the toilet so that piss goes everyone and then not wipe the seat off when I’m done. That makes more sense.

      You can’t get diseases from a toilet seat. A toilet is not a friendly living environment for diseases and most will die within minutes. Secondly, you would only get it if you lick the seat or sit on the toilet directly with your vulva. It’s not going to be contracted by being absorbed through your thighs, which is how you should be sitting on a toilet.

    • Me

      Nothing in thai is at all true. I piss sitting and im never late for class and i enjoy health class. Just like if you piss your pants it doesnt mean your wasted you could have a fetish. I wait till im at home usually and im not a bitch >.<