Photoshop Of Horrors: Russian Vogue Amputates Natasha Poly

Sometimes, Photoshop is so strange and unnatural that you have to wonder: do people even look at this stuff before it’s published? And seldom is a Photoshop hackjob this unusual that lands a cover. But, that’s the way it is these days…

Russian supermodel Natasha Poly fronts the August issue of her homegrown Vogue, and she looks terrifically vampy in all those wines and plumb colors. But… where did the rest of her arm go? We guess you could chalk it up to angles but, even then, it looks positively bizarre.

(Design Scene)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      This is………. insane. The fact that this is the cover of a magazine is insane.

    • E in DC

      Maybe she just has a (well-manicured) hand growing out of the back of her head.

    • sheherbano

      they must be fucking with us at this point, right?

    • Anais

      Actually, it works !

      When I first looked at it with the comment I was like “such a mistake from Vogue”, but no.

      because we’re seeing :
      - her left arm in the foreground
      - her right hand in the background, behind her head

      • Kristine

        exactly!!! i just tried to imitate that pose myself and shes using two different arms, her left arm is raised up and her right arm is behind her head with her right hand beside her head.
        its not photoshop, its the way that the photograph was cropped that makes it look distorted.