Wow, Being A Supermodel Sounds Horrible

paulina porzikova

Basically, it sounds as though men are going to pull their penises out in front of you when you’re 16.

At least that was what it was like in the 70′s. Oh, who are we kidding? It’s still like that.

The New York Post has an interview with some top models from the past – like Beverly Johnson, Jerry Hall, Paulina Porizkova, and Isabella Rossellini. We don’t want to spoil it all for you, but here are some choice quotes about their experience modeling:

Jerry Hall says:

“I think it’s bad that we have as role models people who look scary to young children. They’re cutting up their faces. Their ears have gone weird. They take fat from their bottoms and stick it in their lips so when you kiss them, you’re kissing their bottom — that is so disgusting!”

For a moment, I thought she was referencing people actually cutting up their faces, with jack-knives, on street corners, all Jack the Ripper-like, and I thought, “Yes, that WOULD be terrifying to young children.” But no, she’s talking about plastic surgery.

I don’t know why it makes people’s ears go weird, but I’m going to trust her on that one.

Meanwhile, Paulina Porizkova says:

What people called sexual harassment, we called compliments. If a 16-year-old is kind of flattered by a man pulling out his penis in front of her, that’s kind of noteworthy.

And I certainly trust her on that one.

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    • superjack

      Jerry Hall has had more plastic surgery than your average Real Housewife.

    • Jon

      oh, come on. if the roles were reversed — female showing a male model her vagina — would this even be newsworthy? would it?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Yes, Jon. Yes. That would be unbelievably newsworthy.

      • Maggie

        If you’re the same Jon who has been posting stupid, ignorant, misogynistic comments on other articles, and I suspect you are, please do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. I know it must get your trollish rocks off posting idiotic shit everywhere, but it’s time to lick that Cheeto dust off your fingers and move away from your Mom’s computer.

      • Ana

        @Maggie – hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha i’m dying ! esp at the cheeto finger bit