Hey Everyone! I’m Still Giving Up Drinking For 30 Days: Week Two

New Year's Day 2010. Swede and I had been drunk for days at this point. He even went for more beer in his boxers -- did I mention it was January?

Look at me! Still sober as a newborn baby! And it’s awesome! Actually, it’s far easier than I thought it would be, but at the end of the day I really want a glass of wine. Not because I need it, but because, well frankly, I feel I deserve it after sitting in front of a computer all day writing while warding off toddlers. Kids are fucking exhausting!

I also thought it would be tough in social situations, but for some reason everyone went and got themselves knocked up. Seriously, the majority of my girlfriends out here in Colorado are pregnant, and they didn’t want to tell me until they could do so to my face. Because they wanted me to furrow in front of them and see the way my mouth moves when I scream out “Why?!” Apparently so.

I will admit to having a sip of red wine on Bastille Day, because it was Bastille Day and you can’t not have a sip of French wine on Bastille Day. I’m quite certain this is one of the laws of civilization, and as we all know, I’m very mindful of laws.

I had heard from friends who had given up the sauce that they experienced withdrawals that included night terrors, excessive sweating and overall horrible physical ailments, but I haven’t experienced any of these. I’m not a doctor because I can’t handle blood and I failed most mandatory science classes, but I’m thinking as one who is mostly a binge drinker, that fact may have helped in me avoiding these side effects of giving up the drinking. I don’t know. I’m also not about to Google it, because whenever I Google anything regarding health type issues, I usually come across something that tells me I’m either a sociopath or dying. I don’t feel like dying these days and I don’t need confirmation that I have Patrick Bateman living in my head, because I already know that.

However, I can confirm there is a boredom factor. My friends and family out here live these grown up lives that include going to bed at 10pm. Normally, if I were drinking, I’d have some wine, dance around to some records, compose a scathing post about someone who wronged me (which I will then delete the next morning when I sobered up) and do some online shopping. But now I soberly write after everyone goes to bed or I read a book that isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey despite the fact that it’s sitting on my desk staring at me as I write this.

I can’t say I feel any different, deprived, more productive or anything. I’m mostly just feeling “meh” and somewhat empty, although I don’t think the emptiness can be equated to giving up drinking.

How’s everyone who said they were going to try to give up drinking, too? Did you do it? Are we high-fiving through the Internet?

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    • L

      you can read this fifty summary instead:


      • Suriah

        Best. Thing. Ever.

        Thank you so much for sharing, this made my day!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Agreed! I finally just read it — amazing. Thank you!

      • L

        thank god for facebook! definitely a hidden gem. :-D

    • MM

      …how did you manage to look so good after a multi-day bender!?

      • Amanda Chatel

        I was in love… I think that made a huge difference on my physical appearance despite the bender.

      • swede

        the chatels exaggerate, we’d only been drinking the night before.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh please… that’s right before I left for Paris… we were drunk almost everyday until I hopped on that plane. And please stop reading my stuff.

    • Sabrina

      Amanda, as someone who enjoys drinking and partying and smoking the occasional cigars and all that fun stuff, I’m wondering if I can ask you a question… lately I’ve been realizing that all of the people around me are getting married and starting to get preggo… and I am so not there. So not there. I like my life the way I like that, and especially right now (if ever) kids and shit do not fit into that equation. I guess I feel like I’m going to wake up one day and realize that I have no one to go out with anymore because they’re all putting their damn kids to bed at 7pm and I’m wanting a glass of wine to get the night started. I guess my question is do you ever feel like this or are afraid that everyone around you is changing and you’ll be left in the dark?

      • Amanda Chatel

        YES. I feel like this a lot. All of my friends who don’t live in NYC are on the mommy/marriage train, and about 50% of my friends in the city are there, too. Like you, I am not. I don’t know if I ever will be (maybe when I’m 45 and I have one good egg left?), so I totally know what you mean.

        But I don’t like to think of it as being left in the dark — that’s their choice and we made ours. Yes, it’s sometimes scary to think that you might be the last one standing, but the fact is we all get there in our own time. It just takes some of us a bit longer, and that’s fine.

        I’d much rather enjoy my life as it is, then force myself into an existence that I’ll loathe just so I’m not left in the dark without anyone with whom to play. Wouldn’t you? Besides, you can always move to NYC, if worse comes to worse, and we’ll go out!

      • Sabrina

        I agree. When some folks at a party have to go home at 6pm because it’s little Johnny’s bedtime, I am always glad that’s not me, even if the party suddenly becomes half-populated. I would rather be who I am than try to force myself to make a commitment to something to fit in.

        And awesome! It’s great to know I have options for the future in case I find myself wandering the streets of Seattle and having to make fun of all the hipsters alone.