Gallery: Stylists Made Some Interesting Choices At The European Premiere Of The Dark Knight Rises

Another day, another The Dark Knight Rises premiere. Unlike at the New York premiere, the cast was not so impeccably dressed, with poor decisions hanging off of women and men alike. On the upside, there were some British B-listers there who you may not have heard of, so perhaps it will be educational for you. Everything I do, I do for edutainment.


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    • Alysa

      In Cillian’s defense, the bottom button isn’t really supposed to be done up.

      • Ewa

        Exactly; it’s doing it up which is a serious style blunder.

    • Robyn

      Also, that looks like some kind of pagan harvest festival garland around her neck…

      • Robyn

        In reference to Anne Hathaway.

    • holleeta

      If Tom Hardy were a flasher, I’d be the happiest girl on earth.

      • Amy

        YES! I actually spent the whole movie wondering who the actor was playing Bane because I had no idea going into it and was shocked (SHOCKED!) to find out it was Tom Hardy. I think he put on like 40 pounds for this role.

    • M -

      I don’t know, I don’t think anything’s really wrong with Cillian Murphy’s blazer. I’m possibly saying that because I think he’s the most talented actor who ever was (except perhaps Stephen Rea). Hm.