Video: Lady Gaga’s First Perfume Commercial Takes Advantage Of Fact That Everything Sounds Better In French

The first television commercial for Lady Gaga‘s groundbreaking and important scented water came out yesterday, and it seems to take advantage of the well known fact that everything sounds sexier and more poetic when translated into ze language of love. Even the back of a perfume box. Especially the back of a perfume box.

The ad gives us a fanciful glimpse into “HAUS LABORATORIES” in Paris, where we discover that THE FAME is being made right this second by hot shirtless dudes using steampunk machinery as ominous sounds ring in the background. The copy is pretty much a reiteration of the perfume box’s fancy ingredient list and self-aggrandizing remarks, only it’s being read in French by a sensual male voice, so it makes you horny. Does it make you horny, baby? Yeah? No? Whatevs.

Notably absent from the ingredient list is that much touted “molecular structure of blood and semen,” which I assume they’re saving for the Red Band version.

(Via Jezebel)

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    • Makeup prince

      Everything does sound better in French and Lady Gaga is a genius

    • loveisafourletterword

      Lady Gaga may make wonderful music but this is insane! Having blood and semen in perfume? What if the person they got it from is infected with something? And either way it’s disgusting I don’t want anyones blood or semen on me unless I’m in a committed relationship with them!! Everyone acts like she is this wonderful person who over came so much….She was a spoiled rich kid! She had everything handed to her. She went to school with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and people act like she was a poor girl outta the Bronx who had nothing. She was a serious artist and when no one looked at her, she dyed her hair then did the shock and awe. She doesn’t even dress herself other people do it from the Haus of Gaga how’s the individuality? This is stupid!

      • ij

        Are you stupid?