Delusional Celebrity Clothing Boutique Thinks ‘Aurora’ Is Trending On Twitter Because Of A Kim Kardashian Inspired Dress

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more stupid, this happens.

A website called Celeb Boutique is actually so dumb and clueless to the world around them that they think that “Aurora” is trending on Twitter right now because of a Kim Kardashian inspired dress. Apparently these people are either living under a rock or they’re so classless that they’re mocking the horrifically devastating event that took place in the Denver suburb last night during the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises.

I’m not sure how someone could be so obtuse and unaware of their surroundings, but I guess if you’re going to sell dresses “inspired” by equally obtuse celebrities, that’s how you have to roll. I don’t know about you, but that fucking winky face in the tweet just makes it all even worse.

So far the tweet that you see above has been up there for 56 minutes, and no one from the site has taken it down or apologized. If this is how they’re going to market their clothing, then fuck them. Below are just a few of the hundreds of responses they’ve already received and yet the tweet is still up as I write this.

Photo: Twitter

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    • kjon

      Hopefully it was an incredibly stupid mistake.

      • Amanda Chatel

        They finally realized it and took it down… but then it took them a bit to apologize. I get that they’re a British site (based on their spelling of “apologise”), but still — so wrong.

    • Tania

      While I agree that had they known about the shooting, the tweet would have been incredibly offensive and worth getting our panties (well, those of us who wear them) in a bunch, I really do think being a UK-based company gives them a pass on this issue.

      Something I think Americans forget, even the best of you, is that the rest of the world isn’t focused on you. I’m Canadian, and didn’t know about the shooting until George Takei posted something on Facebook that caused me to go “wait, what happened?” and Google it.

      It’s tragic and horrible, no one’s denying that, but you can’t expect the rest of the world to know what’s going on in your country.

      • Eileen

        Sure, they’re a British company. That doesn’t mean that the person manning the Twitter site can’t notice “Aurora” is trending, click on it, and discover that “Aurora” is trending because it’s the name of a town where a mass shooting just took place. (Even if it had been after posting the tweet – it seriously takes about five seconds to click on it, notice, and delete a tweet)

        And either it’s trending worldwide – which means, yeah, I expect anyone using Twitter to know about it – or they have their trends set to notice what’s trending in the US, which means they’re interested enough in the US market to want to keep an eye on what’s going on in the US.

        So no, no pass.

      • Tania

        Jesus christ, why are so many of my comments being eaten by, I assume, the spam filter?

      • Eileen

        That happens to mine, too. Then sometimes three virtually identical posts show up a few hours later, and I look a little click-happy.

        I like that that post was the only one that went through, though.

      • Amanda Chatel

        We need to figure out this comment thing for everyone. Even I have an issue commenting sometimes. It’s fucked up. I also think the ads at the bottom of the page kinda slow up everything, so you hit “post comment” more than once and mess up the whole thing even more.

        I’ll send an email about it… again.

    • Ewa

      In continental Europe, people would generally know the shooting took place in Colorado, but not necessarily in Aurora, Colorado. Still, not checking twitter first does seem absurd (I knew nothing about KK’s dress by that name – aurora makes me think of either astronomy or Russian history).

      • Ewa

        oh. it’s KK-INSPIRED dress. Delusional, then:)