If Your Significant Other Suggested You ‘Cover Up’ Before Leaving The House, Would You?

It’s the summer and it’s one that feels like it’s breaking records all over the country. In this weather, you want to wear as little as possible, because sweat stains are not pretty and your skin wants to breathe without the interference of clothes.

As women, it’s nice that we can toss on a dress — sans anything else — and just go about our day in this heat. But, as I’m discovering from being around so many married people, some men are not down with the idea of their wives wearing barely-there clothing. Did feminism not come to Colorado and announce that women should be able to dress how they want despite their husband’s disapproval? I’m thinking that maybe not. I’m also thinking that based on the amount of times I here some guy say he wants to burn Fifty Shades of Grey, that the men out here are scared of a revolution where women dress how they see fit and want to be dominated in the bedroom. Whatever will they do if the fairer sex rises up and takes over this town or state? It will just be a matter of time before it spreads like a plague and women all over the world will start acting crazy! God help us!

If the guy I was with told me to “cover up” before I left the house to go out with friends, I’d probably remove my bra and underwear, throw it at him and go out like that. But that’s just me and maybe that’s why I’m currently single — I don’t take kindly to authority.

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    • porkchop

      I went out to a party with my then boyfriend, now husband, and he suggested I wear something revealing, and I was like–okay! Let’s do it! So I wore this really low cut camisole with spaghetti straps, and it turned out that what he’d actually said was -not- to wear something revealing, but he was still okay with it.

    • Janna

      Ha, my first impulse was: “I would soooo find a way to dress my sluttiest just out of defiance.” Good to know I’m not the only one ;) Damn authority issues!

    • Lindsay

      That is the equivalent of asking me to get embarrassingly drunk and “accidentally” flash some of his friends. He would be the only one embarrassed. I’m exaggerating, but I have serious problems with authority. A man secure in his relationship usually wants to show off his lady.

    • endn

      I chose the last option but only because I am extremely lucky that my guy is super feminist and would only recommend I wear something else if I was about to, like, go roll into a meeting with my boobies popping out or something, which has happened, because I also hate covering up in the summer. i’d like to think I wouldn’t marry someone who felt that he needed to protect my modesty in public, or got jealous, or whatever motivates these husbands; i also wouldn’t marry someone who made me feel like he was asserting some stupid authority when he said something about my clothes. are many guys seriously like these colorado husbands?

    • holleeta

      The only boyfriend who tried to control what I wore was abusive, so no. My last boyfriend wouldn’t dare to tell me what to wear because he was five years younger than me and said “who am I to tell a grown woman what to wear?” I feel like every man should have that view.

      Btw, this always makes me think of the part of Clueless where her father tells her to put something over her CK dress and she comes back with a sheer long-sleeved “jacket”

      • JenniWren

        Ha! Love Cher. Always so very fabulous.

    • JenniWren

      I picked the last one, only because sometimes I don’t quite know what’s appropriate for a certain situation and like to use my bf as a sounding board. For example, his parents are quite church-orientated (lovely, mind) so sometimes we get invited to things along that line. I grew up in a blithely secular household, but even though I absolutely believe there’s no shame in my bodacious female body, I don’t want to be the only one there in hotpants (I don’t wear hotpants) and run the risk of looking disrespectful.

      But in general I believe this falls under the rule of all sartorial advice- do not offer an opinion unless you’ve been asked for it. That goes for women as well as men.

    • Eagle Eye

      Yeah, I chose the first one, but I kinda agree with earlier posters that if what I was wearing was inappropriate for the situation (i.e. low cut dress with someone’s grandmother) and, perhaps I didn’t realize that grandma was going to be there until he pointed it out, then of course I’d take his advice into consideration.

      But beyond that, he usually doesn’t think that I wear revealing enough clothes as is, so he’d probably just be thrilled that I decided to wear something non-prudish for once…

    • MJ


      All of your notions about Colorado are completely insane! Not in a bad way, necessarily, but in a way where I wonder if the state you’re describing is the very same state I’ve lived in my entire life. Yes, feminism “came to Colorado.” I’m fucking radfem and we are representing in the centennial state. Did feminism forget to go to NY and tell men not to harass women on the subway? And Colorado is also not the magic answer to sobriety! And it is not the wilderness! But it is full of human people…so there’s that.

      I’ve bit my tongue on this one throughout your Colorado posts…and misogynists suck everywhere, not just in CO. do try to get out of your sisters house and hit up Boulder, Manitou Springs, Estes Park, Colorado Springs, or even Denver for some perspective :)

      • Amanda Chatel

        Yo, I was completely joking about feminism not coming to Colorado! Hence all my exclamation points that were meant to be ridiculous… it’s all very sarcastic.

        Also my sister lives in Boulder, and I’ve been to Estes (even again this past weekend to be exact,) I’ve snowboarded about 60% of these mountains and have been all over the state… we’re even headed to Crested Butte tomorrow morning — which, I might add, I’ve been to several times already.

        You think I’d come out to such a beautiful state and to sit in the basement and not enjoy it? Come on, MJ! Your state is amazing!

    • Lindsey

      Well, if one of my galfriends told me to cover up I would look at my outfit again, and I think the same would go for if a significant other would get the same treatment. Who knows, maybe my bra is showing or my ass is hanging out of my skirt. Or, my shirt was more sheer than I thought. But if a guy doesn’t like my style, sucks to be him.

    • Lisa H

      I think most of us are on the “it depends” page. Which makes sense really since I figure it would be disrespectful of him to insist I cover up if I’m heading out for a night on the town (or to ever flat out order me to change) but if I picked something to go to a family gathering, on his side, he thought would get up someone’s nose and asked, I would say it’s disrespectful of me to tell him to stuff it. Really wouldn’t this be the same as asking him to change into some dress pants over jeans because the place you’re going is a little more upper class (for exapmle)?

    • Rebbo

      This quiz needs some nuance. I chose “I’d take his opinion into consideration” not because I feel that he should dictate what I wear, but because we have a mutually respectful relationship, and he’d never suggest I wear more unless what I was wearing was super unflattering/going to result in me freezing all night/surprisingly transparent or something — same thing if the roles were reversed. If one of us was telling the other to cover up, it’d probably be for some great/practical reason.

      • Renee

        I agree. The only way I can imagine my significant other making that comment would be somehow weather related, as in “You better cover up, it is windy and cold out.”