Gallery: Proving Her Versatility, Kate Upton Shows Legs Instead Of Boobs In Sunday Times Editorial

Kate Upton is more than a set of tits, you guys. She has some very nice legs, too.

In a recent editorial for the U.K.’s Sunday Times magazine, Kate Upton followed Victoria Beckham‘s rule of  ”if you’ve got your tits out, put your legs away and vice versa” and showed us her bottom half for a change. She also modeled some very nice clothing. This shoot is interesting to me because it walks the line between a fashion shoot and a “glamour” one, with business on top and party on the bottom. This makes some sense as Kate is something of a hybrid, herself; she has the conventionally pretty face and awesome boobs of a glamour model, but the tall, slender body of a fashion model. (Although mean people do like to debate if she’s skinny enough.)

All of this reminds me how absurd it is that we try to categorize beauty at all, as if pretty people of one type are only good for one kind of image, and pretty people of another type are only good for another. Personally, I think Kate Upton does a fine job wearing clothing. Look at the photos and see if you agree.

(Via Styleite)

Photos: The Sunday Times

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    • K

      These are probably the best shots I’ve ever seen of her. I wasn’t even aware she had legs – haha!

      I’m glad her clothes actually fit her nicely. Shoving someone into clothes two sizes too small will only make them appear four times larger…

    • Jon

      i agree with K..definitely one of my fav shoots of hers. there’s only so many terry richardson pics i can stand. but i have to say, whether or not you find her fat/normal/voluptuous/whatever, her face looks rather chubby in these shots.

    • holleeta

      Meh, she should stick to just showing her tits. Her legs look pretty shapeless. I’ve watched the video on her website and it confirms my suspicions that her legs are just bones and skin. She has no muscle definition.

    • Jen

      This may be slightly OT, but how exactly does one pronounce PHWOAR? I’ve seen it before, but I just can’t figure it out.

      Fwar? Fwore?