Do You Find This Ad Offensive?

To be honest, every time I title a post “do you find this ad offensive” I feel like the subtext is “good, eye-catching work, copywriters!”

But I do feel like probably there’s a way to advertise a dating site for men who like older women without using the word “motherfucker”. Frankly, I always kind of cringe at the term cougar, too, because, well, just date who you want to date. Just date people who you feel like you match up well with.There’s nothing inherently weird about wanting to date people who are older and more experienced. It’s just stuff like this that makes it seem weird.

La Weekly reports:

We’re not sure what’s scarier, the new billboard above Sunset Boulevard that declares “ for MOTHER F***ERS” or the fact that there is actually a site for such classy MILF-chasers and granny-philes.

Okay, they’re not all grandmothers. The recommended starting age for a cougar-dating search on the site is 35.

You know, maybe it’s just a product of living in New York, but 35 still seems very young. I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea of men wanting to date 35 year olds being “motherfuckers” but, well, maybe things are different in LA.

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    • Lastango

      I don’t find it offensive.

      I find it deeply destructive of our social fabric — what remains of that.

      It says, in effect, “There are no standards of conduct for what we can do or say in public”, and it undermines parents who are trying to raise their children with manners, decorum, and the respect for others those personal habits convey.

    • Jen

      Personally, I think the *idea* is pretty funny… but I don’t know that a billboard is necessarily the right way to express it. The other thing that caught my eye is that the model looks really young to me, but maybe that’s just the angle or the quality of the picture.

      • Amy

        I think a cougar is now any single woman over the age of 32.

    • JenniWren

      I don’t like the public swear. Don’t get me wrong, I have a mouth like a navvy among friends and family, who I know don’t mind. But I don’t sound off around people I don’t know because…well, because it’s just plain rude, isn’t it?

      As to the website itself…ehh. If there are older (?) women out there who want to be involved in internet dating or less vertical activities, then fine, more power to ‘em. I just wish we didn’t view men who think older women are attractive as fetishists and “granny-philes.”

    • Sugar

      omg I miss LA.

      and there are no kids on sunset boulevard. haha!

    • lucygoosey74

      You know that movie “Idiocracy”?
      This is a step in that direction.