The Best & Worst Dressed On the Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards went down last night and now we must bring you all the short skirts, skintight dresses, bright patches and fashion disasters. All the usual suspects–Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel, Lea Michelle, Gwen Stefani, Zoe Saldana, Hayden Panettiere, Nina Dobrev–and more ahead.

(All photos via Wenn)

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    • Fabel

      Eee, No Doubt!

      Also, though I’m not crazy about the outfit, I think Rebecca Black looks pretty good.

    • Kerrie

      Did Lisa Frank design Hayden Panettiere’s shoes?

    • Jon

      carly rae stepping it up

    • L

      lol does noone know how to dress for this?!

      • Alexis H

        I mean, I can see why it would be hard. It’s the teen choice awards, so you basically have to dress like an awkward middle-schooler’s fantasy of elegance. Hence, hot mess central.

    • Alexis H

      I don’t know where to begin with this. I think my favorite moments were Hayden Panettiere’s shoes, Demi Lovato’s hilarious ponytail and the fact that OMG NEON IS IN, I GET IT.

    • Sinny

      Gwen looks amazing! (as always) However, its a bad day when the best dressed group of the bunch include a middle aged man with a mohawk in some sort of hair clip.

    • Lastango

      Zooey is a smash in that pretty blue dress… bring on the New Retro!

      (Classic good taste is always in style.)

    • alexandra

      I guess the deep fryer theory does explain the strange sheen of Lea Michele’s legs– it’s really, really hard to get that oil off you. I know this from experience.