Harlotry: Why I Quit Prostitution

‘Gopal’ was a new client, something that was becoming more and more of a rarity. He was also one of the few clients who chose to hold the appointment at a motel room. While I had seen clients in hotels before, I was always somewhat suspicious of the entire concept of these impermanent dwellings, and I had never done a call in the stereotypical seedy motel room. While I knew that all but the seediest motels were in some ways safer than strangers’ homes, I had also watched too many movies in which young women get hacked to pieces in sleazy rented rooms and the killer is only brought to justice by some lucky twist of fate or stroke of brilliance on the protagonist’s behalf.

In addition to my more ridiculous concerns (the serial murder ones), there was also the small matter of my profession’s unfortunate illegality. I found it very unlikely that the police would go so far as to set up an entire apartment or house in order to conduct a sting, but it seemed frighteningly plausible that they might rent a motel room for the purpose of luring enterprising young ladies like myself into their clutches.

I needed new business, however, and I decided the potential rewards far outweighed my concerns, both valid and somewhat paranoid. I agreed to the call in hopes that I might attract a new regular and with the understanding that he would pay for the room.

I asked Gopal to choose a motel.

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    • Eddie

      I’ve never been with a prostitute, but if I was to hire one, I’d probably go down on her and not for the reasons you describe. In my world of unpaid sexual encounters, the more promiscuous I know a woman to be (or have been), the more I want to go down on her, but not for the challenge. It’s not so calculated as that. Something about her vagina being dirty and me pushing my face in it turns me on. It doesn’t have to do with her pleasure at all–it’s about mine.

      • Sam

        I know you commented on this 5 days ago, but, uh…just for the record, having sex with a lot of people doesn’t make a girl “dirty.”

      • DreaTheGreat

        Thank you Sam! and thank you Eddie for adding another reason to why men do things out of completely arbitrary reasons.

    • Workinggirl


      I’m on my journey trying to quit working as a prostitute.. Follow me xx