Harlotry: Why I Quit Prostitution

Gopal was one of the clients who wanted to go down on me. I’ve never been very enthusiastic about receiving oral sex in my private life, but in my professional life I had come to dread it. In my experience, the men who choose to perform oral sex on their prostitutes are a uniquely self-absorbed breed. Their motivation, whether conscious or otherwise, never seems to be a desire to provide pleasure to their harlots (a noble goal, if not always a realistic one), instead they want to prove to themselves that they are so manly they can even make a whore come. They are all incredibly unskilled; some of them can’t even seem to locate the clitoris. There is very little more unpleasant than faking an orgasm while someone laps blunderingly at your crotch and you reflect on the fact that your moans are simply re-enforcing bad habits and general ineptitude.

This time, though, it was different. As I lay back and let Gopal slurp at my nether-regions, I opened my eyes and saw the whole scene in the mirrors above me. Here I was, tall, young, and if I did say so myself, quite pretty, lolling on an ugly bedspread with the head of a short, fat man old enough to be my father, possibly my grandfather, between my legs. Gopal’s middle-aged pudge had not manifested itself well: face down as he was, he looked like an overgrown baby. The spectacle was so ludicrous that I forgot to moan for a moment, and then nearly burst out laughing.

That was the moment I decided I no longer wanted to be a prostitute. While I had no intention of working a straight job, I also knew there were dozens of other jobs I could pursue within the sex industry. Prostitution had become not only boring, but suddenly ridiculous.

I finished the call with Gopal, but my heart wasn’t in it. I had seen the absurdity of the situation, and I could never forget it. I spent more energy trying to hold back laughter than I did trying to get my client off. While I didn’t expect this to be my last call, I knew very well that the time had come for something new.

Cathryn Berarovich is a bit of a renaissance sex worker; she’s currently employed as a stripper (and writer) but has held numerous interesting jobs in the industry. Each week, she shares her stories in Harlotry.

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    • Eddie

      I’ve never been with a prostitute, but if I was to hire one, I’d probably go down on her and not for the reasons you describe. In my world of unpaid sexual encounters, the more promiscuous I know a woman to be (or have been), the more I want to go down on her, but not for the challenge. It’s not so calculated as that. Something about her vagina being dirty and me pushing my face in it turns me on. It doesn’t have to do with her pleasure at all–it’s about mine.

      • Sam

        I know you commented on this 5 days ago, but, uh…just for the record, having sex with a lot of people doesn’t make a girl “dirty.”

      • DreaTheGreat

        Thank you Sam! and thank you Eddie for adding another reason to why men do things out of completely arbitrary reasons.

    • Workinggirl


      I’m on my journey trying to quit working as a prostitute.. Follow me xx