Olympic Tote Bag Pokes Fun At “Fat Americans”

The 2012 Olympics are almost underway and London is bustling with foreign transplants. UK stationary retailer Maiden decided to cash in on all the new blood (and new congestion) with a series of cheeky tote bags. That’s one of them up there and you can see the others here.

But then there’s this:

“I’m renting my flat to a fat American family,” which is sold out. To which we say, hey, guys, you aren’t exactly leaders in the fight against obesity yourseleves, but we can take a joke.

Oh well. At least someone’s happy about the influx of new faces in London.

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    • Lastango

      SOMEBODY needs to remind us we’re fat, because we’re too busy empowering ourselves to be fat and “accepting” ourselves to notice.

      • L

        agreed. (im fat)

    • Lo

      I work in an Olympic-trampled area. I need that top bag immediately.

    • Jen

      There are a lot of fat people in America. There are also a lot of horrifically ugly people in the U.K., but you’d never see an American totebag making fun of them for it. As annoying as we might be, we are apparently more respectful.