Check Out Katie Holmes’ Fashion Line

holmes and yang look book

Buzzfeed Shift reports that Katie Holmes’ profits from her fashion line are soaring following her divorce. We replied “Katie Holmes has a fashion line?” Katie Holmes has a fashion line! Who knew? Check out some of the pieces from her look book below. Would you want to wear any of them? What would Suri write about them in her burn book?

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    • Budniewski smith

      Katie is Looking so Beautiful and charming in the Picture.

      • JDL

        The young lady in the photo is professional model, Ivy Le Van. Ivy is featured in all the shots in this layout.

    • Maria

      I misread that last one to say “are you needy?” and was very confused. I’m still not sure what they mean by that picture. Is it supposed to look like a little girl dressing up in her mommy’s clothes? Because dress, jacket and shoes are clearly too big (those shoes!!). But in that case, it’s also creepily revealing, so I don’t know… the rest ranges between downright ugly and meh.

      • JDL