Gallery: Kate Moss Looks A Bit Bored In Rag And Bone’s First Ever Ad Campaign

Rag and Bone is a very schmancy store than sells high end items that mainly look good on models and people who look like models, like leather hot pants and tuxedo jakets with leather lapels. You may have heard them mentioned by Fake Chloe Sevigny, or real Chloe Sevigny, for that matter. They’ve never shot an ad campaign before, instead preferring to sail by on their sparkling reputation in the fashion world, but all that changed with the opening of their first London store, when they enlisted Kate Moss to star in a campaign to promote and celebrate the occasion. As always, Kate is able to make absurd items of clothing look cool and sexy, but she also seems to be making the same face throughout. Perhaps she charges an additional rate per smile?

(Via Fashionista)

Photos: Rag and Bone


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    • Robyn

      Zoolander has ‘blue steel’. Kate has ‘boredom’.