6 Opportunities In Which You Can Knock The Sense Back Into Your Friend After She’s Morphed Into Her Significant Other

Morphing isn't cool unless you're in a Kafka novel.

We’ve all seen it: a friend falls in love, everything is going great then one day the person you always knew is gone. She hasn’t disappeared completely; she’s still technically there, but her opinions, thoughts, interests and even the way she dresses are now that of the person with whom she’s now in a relationship. Evolving for the sake of love is fine to a degree, but when you are no longer yourself, it’s just pathetic and even somewhat twisted.

While some might be content to sit back and watch their friend morph into their significant other at some sort of record speed, others (like myself) are not so jazzed to let something like that happen without some sort of fight. Granted, the worst thing about those in love is that they’re blind, but just because this may be the case, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of opportunities that arise to point out the fact that they’ve gone and become someone else. It may take several tries to get through to them, but eventually something has to click and your Stepford Wife friend will hopefully break free and get their brain back.


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    • Maggie

      Ugh. I never understood the whole “changing for a guy” thing. I have a friend who really liked this guy, so finally she asked him out and he said that he would only date her if she were thinner. Instead of saying “Fuck you, asshole,” like she should have, she started dieting and went to the gym religiously until he finally asked her out. They didn’t date long, thank god, but it was all I could do not to grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake!