Scorned (For K-Stew) Wife Liberty Ross Responds To News Of Infidelity With Hilarious Instagram Photo

So you just found out your husband cheated on you very publicly with a young woman primarily known for being pretty and having no personality. Quick, what do you do?

If you’re model/actress Liberty Ross (wife of Snow White and the Huntsman director and K-Stew canoodler Rupert Sanders), you make your feelings known to your social networks via an amusing Instagram photo. An amusing Instagram photo that looks like this:

Get it? That’s Snow White looking disheveled and drinking her sadness away. Because Kristen Stewart is a drunk, sad, husband stealer. Okay, so maybe it doesn’t quite match up…she’s not really known for drinking, or crying, or showing emotion of any kind. But you get the idea.

The great thing about being the wronged party in this situation is you can be as sarcastic and mean as you want to be, and no one will be able to say shit to you. All the nasty things you’ve ever thought in your head about the person who cuckolded you, but never said out loud because you’re polite? Those are now fair game! Go on, give it your best shot.

I also appreciate anyone who reacts to bad news with even a modicum of humor, because that’s how I handle bad things, too. Sometimes, we have to laugh to keep from crying.

Liberty Ross, you’re okay in my book, and I hope you make a lot more jokes at K-Stew’s expense. Not because I hate K-Stew, but because I like jokes. And drama.

(Via E! Online)

Photo: Lia Toby/

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    • Betrayed2

      The instagram photo is pure genius. Liberty, I feel your pain having a husband devoid of loyalty with a sense of entitlement and an ego the size of Mt Everest. For the record, I always thought Kristen Stewart was a sullen little upstart and Rob was too good for her. Now she has proven it.

    • L

      YES YES YES!!!!!!

    • kt

      honestly, I’m thinking that this affair thing is just a publicity stunt. All of these responses and public statements just seem a little too planned and tidy to be true.

    • Jane Doe

      I realize that Kristen Stewart is probably a safer target than her husband–but a 41-year-0ld man is at least as culpable as a 22-year-old woman. Jesus.

    • Dana

      I like Liberty. She’s classy, gorgeous & has wit :) I hope the best for her and her children.

    • VNikol

      Why is it that women always take the brunt of infidelity criticism? While I’m sure she thought posting the instagram pic takes a humorous jab at Stewart, I wonder where’s the pic for her hubby? Kirsten is 22 to his 41, single to his married & childless to his 2. Kirsten didn’t vow to love, honor & protect Liberty with all her heart either. This man she shares her life, bed, children & home with has betrayed & publicly humiliated her for the world to see & this is what she delivers? The same man that cast her to play his eye-candy’s mother of all things. I think it better to tend to the personal matter in her home & play less on the net. After all, while not a fan, I was familiar with Kirsten Stewart but I didn’t know who Liberty Ross was until this incident & thanks to her hubby, this private matter made public will be forever linked to her identity. Hmph, I don’t see the humor in that at all.

      • Sadie

        I am sure the director’s balls have been severely kicked and punched! He is truly a first-class bastard, but at the same time, Kristen knew what she was doing and she has earned the title of “WHORE/SLUT OF 2012.” That was not a one-time kissing fling with those two. “”Mr. Director’s Penis” had definitely met “Ms Kirsten’s traveling vagina” before the day the two were finally caught. Gosh, there are pictures of the man going down on Kristen in the front seat of her car! They both should have their asses kicked for not first ending the relationships that they were in at the time. The people they betrayed do have hearts and feelings!

      • VNikol

        Make no mistake about it, I am by no means giving Kristen a pass in the matter, they are both in the wrong. But as his wife, for her first public acknowledgement to be a comical jab at Kirsten is telling in my opinion. It should’ve been at her husband if any acknowledgement was made at all. And while I’m certain it’s been cool temps in their household since she was made aware of the affair, perhaps she’s trying to seem less shaken by it in an attempt to save face. She initially tweeted something to the effect of “some things fall apart for things to get better” prior to deleting it & now she releases this pic. Just seems as if she’s going easy on the main issue (her husband is a cheat) by focusing on the barely legal actress he pursued.

      • Skylark

        Agree completely VNikol! Valid points, think she’s trying to lessen the hurt by making fun of her but think taking the high road (Sandra Bullock/Elin Woods) by saying nothing & leaving sends a better message. He’s a pig.

      • Teemu

        Well, when Schwarzenegger cheated with the nanny, the focus was on Schwarzenegger being a pig.

        I think the focus is on the guilty party of the more famous couple. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the more famous couple, so the focus is much more on KStew cheating RPat rather than Rupert Sanders (who had directed just this film and some TV ads, most people didn’t know who he was before this) cheating Liberty Ross.

    • JennySue Makeup

      absolutely hilarious and so appropriate…

    • Sam

      If this was a legitimate, real affair and not a publicity stunt, then both parties–who are adults–are assholes. And I would probably post the same sort of thing. Actually, if it isn’t a real affair, it’s still mega fucked up and they’re all assholes.

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