Is Karlie Kloss The Most Unconvincing Weightlifter Ever? Perhaps.

Yesterday, we met a real-life lady weightlifter named Samantha Wright. Today, we meet a faux-weightlifter by the name of Karlie Kloss. Photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by George Cortina for Vogue Japan’s September issue, Kloss is shown standing on and near barbell contraptions. She looks gorgeous, per usual, but she also looks utterly unconvincing as far as being able to actually move the weights.

Here’s a closer look…

Photos by Mikael Jansson for Vogue Japan September 2012 via Next Models

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    • Lastango

      Until the Olympics are over, I suspect we’ll see a lot of posing with weights, soccer balls, etc.

      But I agree this spread is goofy, even by fashionmag standards. Better to put the rail-thin models on roadracing bikes… at the end of a race there’s nothing left on a real Tour de France rider but skin & bones.