I’m Sorry, Why Is Kristen Stewart Apologizing?

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Oh, I think cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders was a shitty thing she did, I’m just not sure why we’re issuing public apologies.

Kristen Stewart released a statement to People Magazine saying:

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Kristen Stewart. You were not married to him. You are not the first person who has been presented with an opportunity to cheat on their boyfriend. Remember what Don Draper said to that stewardess who wanted sleep with him because she said “I’m getting married soon – this might be my last chance.” Don said “you’ll get lots of chances.”

No? You don’t remember that, Kristen Stewart? Okay, do you remember that this situation arose for your character in Adventureland? Yes? And it was handled privately, because she was young, and not married and there was no need to turn it into an unnecessarily big deal with statements to People magazine. There is no need for a public apology. There is a need to say only very quietly, in private, “I really fucked up.” To your boyfriend. Who you just acknowledged was your boyfriend. Up until now Stewart has only said “my boyfriend is English.”

I mean, I’ll admit I am tempted to care about this because I can already see the Newsroom script where Will McAvoy decides that every woman who cares about Kristen Stewart’s break-up is a bitch, but still. Still. This is not something Kristen Stewart needs to talk about? Why? Becuase of private lives. Private lives! Private lives!


Seriously, Kristen Stewart, this is one of the rare opportunities in life where the actual appropriate response is just to stare at reporters, unsmiling. And you’re so good at that! This was the time, Kristen! This was the time for all of your frowning skills to come into play and be useful. Instead, you are just issuing unnecessary apologies.

I understand that, on the upside, whether you were thinking about this or not, it is a way to keep your name and Robert Pattinson’s names in the news in between Twilight movies, but it is a way that will make Twilight fans furious. In conclusion, I’m going to go away, and watch Norma Shearer movies, and dream of a time when people did not feel a need to reveal every single aspect of their entire lives to everyone. That is what I will do. Goodbye forever, Kristen Stewart.

Oh, she’s only 22? She’s only 22. Oh, okay. Just in the future, private lives are a great thing to keep private. Okay? Okay, good.

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    • Jon

      apparently, rob hasn’t been returning any of her calls or messages (which is understandable if true), so the public apology was her way of reaching out to him.

    • JenniWren

      I kind of agree with the general gist of the article, but I don’t think a public apology was that unexpected. We’ve had several high-profile men apologize publicly for their cheating, although in their cases it was full-blown adultery. Cynically speaking, she’s got a teenage fan-base to cater to, so there’s that.

      And let’s be honest, her private life isn’t private right now. It’s all over the front pages of a hundred shrieking tabloids. Trying to stay silent about the subject has shades of locking the stable door when the horse has bolted, stopped for a light lunch and held a small press conference. Most likely in the future she will work harder to keep things under wraps.

    • boston

      wow, you are ridiculous, you are the person that makes it ok for others to break hearts. Just because your not married doesn’t mean anything!! They were supposedly in love, together for more than 2 years, and living together, how stupid of an article could you possibly publish?

      • Jo

        I see Kristen must be confiding in you personally.

      • Steph

        Uh, she was saying she didn’t need to publicly apologize for it, not apologize at all.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I am everything Pat Benatar ever dreamed of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy-QmgdUVTI

      • Natalie

        Speaking of ridiculous,
        your=possessive form of you
        you’re=you are

    • Cee

      She should apologize if she is sorry.

      Not publicly though, unless like another commenter speculated that she cannot reach Rob and would like to make the grand gesture of finally admitting she loves him to the world. I bet she is also reacting in the emotion of it all..getting caught, possibly losing her boyfriend and all. I don’t like Kristen Stewart but when I read it, I just pictured myself apologizing like this at the face of losing my girlfriend. It had emotion, which is rare for her.

      However, I do not like the argument that she should not be sorry because Rob is just her boyfriend and because she is young and youngsters make these mistakes. Most couples that enter a into a relationship agree to not cheat on each other. And, there are many couples out there that choose never to (or can’t) marry and remain together and faithful to each other as “just boyfriend” and “just girlfriend.”
      Yes, she is young and young people make mistakes..well hey, ALL people make mistakes! They both made the big mistake of stepping out of a committed relationship. They both made the big mistake of forgetting there were children, vows 0r promises to other people involved. Age is not a factor here a 22 year old knows what a marriage is. That said..she is not the only “homewrecker” in this affair or is more or less guilty than the guy.

    • Denise

      The whole thing screams publicity stunt to me. Why did they keep everything such a secret for years, never confirming or denying they were in a relationship? Then all of a sudden it’s all over the media about the affair, how much she loves him, etc. It all just seems so strange and oddly staged.

    • April

      This is hilarious. I love what you said,
      ” Seriously, Kristen Stewart, this is one of the rare opportunities in life where the actual appropriate response is just to stare at reporters, unsmiling. And you’re so good at that! This was the time, Kristen! This was the time for all of your frowning skills to come into play and be useful. Instead, you are just issuing unnecessary apologies.”

      I can’t stand KS. She ruins everything for me.
      Thanks for this.

    • Alison

      She apologized in/to the public because of this:

      Fanaticism is not to be taken lightly.

      • Steph

        That’s terrifying.

      • Amy

        Super terrifying. I did not know that “Robsten” was a thing.

    • meteor_echo

      Because when you fuck up, you apologize for it. Being a decent human being, super simple stuff.

      Besides, WHAT? Being not married to somebody totally justifies cheating on them? Silly me, not knowing that for my whole life.

      • Alison

        This article is asking why she is apologizing in *public*. The article then says she should apologize to her boyfriend in *private*. She is 22, she isn’t married to him so why is she apologizing in People magazine? That is the question the writer is asking. Reread the article with that in mind.

      • meteor_echo

        Because she’s a public person, I guess?

    • Gowers

      I pretty sure Rob will have given her an ultimatum that included making a public apology (if they have talked).

      After all how do you get back at someone who has humiliated you. Make them do something that they would never want to do in a million years and then dump them anyway. (Or is that just what I would do. Does that make me a bad person?)

    • gwgw22

      i dont think she needs to apologize for anything.and its not on fans to forgive her(!).i really adore her she is really good,yes it was shitty what she did,but we cannot judge her that hursh.it was an impulse of the moment it could happen to anyone.but she is an actress so we all know now what happened :P

    • Glenn

      You cannot call ‘betrayal’ a mistake, because betrayal is always a purposeful act. It is an act that carries an agenda in expectation of a selfish reward. Both Sanders and Stewart betrayed not only their partners, but the commitments their partners believed they had from them. Betrayal is so pernicious that the trust it destroys is ever rarely gained back.

      Yes, you can forgive betrayal, when your heart and mind allow you to, but the act will never let you forget it, which is why it is so pernicious. You cannot allow a cheater a second chance…you move on, pained and heart-scarred, but wiser in the long-run.

      Pattison himself, will decide what is good for him, and Stewart may regret her actions later in life, but for them both, after the last premiere where they are under contractual agreements to appear together, it may be better that they both move on with their lives separately.

      As for Sanders, a supposedly mature man with a family, his betrayal is the more serious. If Liberty sticks by him…he is one very lucky idiot!

    • Julie

      Of course she should publicly apologise – has nothing to do with being in the public eye. All cheaters should publicly apologise for the hell they have put their partners through. Would make people think twice before doing it. They’ve publicly shamed their spouse by cheating, so why shouldn’t they be made to apologise publicly.