Poll: Do You Mix Alcohol And Caffeine?

According to a recent study, college students (and, by extension, possibly the rest of us) are more likely to hook up with people casually if we’ve been drinking alcohol mixed with caffeine than if we’ve just been drinking alcohol alone.

The study comes to us courtesy of addiction researcher Kathleen Miller, who published it in the recent Journal of Caffeine Research. It found that people who had beverages like, say, redbull-vodkas or jagerbombs had a higher chance of not knowing or caring about their last sexual partner, and of being high or drunk the last time they hooked up.

It’s not exactly clear why this is the case, but it does make me wonder: do you drink these kinds of beverages?

I get that the study isn’t about what you drink but how you act when you drink what you drink, but it just kind of makes my stomach turn to think about drinking a Redbull at all, let alone one that’s been mixed with vodka.

What about you?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

via Buzzfeed


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    • MM

      I’m pretty sure this is just because the caffeine keeps you going for longer and allows you to drink more, just like coke and speed do.

      RedBull is disgusting and makes me shake like a motherfucker, but I really like those fancy coffees with liqueur in them.

    • Jamie Peck

      Only if I really, really need the energy. And only enough to perk up a tiny bit. It is a means to an end (that end being more partying). But I don’t hook up with randos anymore so maybe I don’t count.

    • Christie

      I wish there was a “Not anymore” voting button. Red Bull and Jäger used to make me do things I’m not proud of. :-(

    • Jenny

      I think the caffeine makes you stay awake enough to hook up, as opposed to passing out or just getting sleepy.

    • Lindsey

      Does soda count as caffeine? I quite enjoy coke and cherry rum. It has caffeine, but if I have two it’s not a crazy amount of caffeine. hmm….

    • Bernard G

      unfortunately yes.