Tan Lines: Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

It’s that time of year when tan lines are pretty much inevitible. You may think you have it all figured out, and have your straps down when you’re at the beach. But then you find yourself at a party in a halter dress and later that day, you’ve got yourself some horrendous tan lines that you’re super pissed about after all your hard work in trying to avoid them.

Recently a Facebook “friend” of mine got married and, much to her disapproval (based on the comments she made on her photos), the majority of her wedding party sported VERY obvious tan lines. I would have swiped the photo from Facebook so you could see the ridiculousness of it all, but considering the fury that is already pumping through her veins over photos, I didn’t want to add to it.

But what I thought was interesting was that two of the bridesmaids commented back to say that they “love tan lines” because “it’s proof I’ve been a the beach all summer.” I should point out that I don’t know any of these bridesmaids, so you if you feel compelled to point out what a weird and stupid comment that is, then by all means. Honestly, it was the first time I ever heard anyone say such a thing. I didn’t realize that people were running around loving tan lines because it proves something besides that fact that they didn’t use sunscreen.

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    • Jon

      i cannot speak for all guys but I find them really hot

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I’m kinda neutral on them on others, but I hate them on me more than anything else my skin can do. I’d rather be broken out, or having an allergic reaction again than tan lines. They mess with my OCD. I’m also lucky enough to be one of those people who can tan by going from one dark, air-conditioned place to the one across the street AND am super photosensitive thanks to medication. So, sunblock or no, I get a burn, then a tan. With tan lines.

      Okay, maybe I’m just feeling extra-cranky about them because I visited my outdoors-loving family, and despite my best efforts, am sitting here with stupid sundress/shoe/bag strap/watch tan lines and feel incredibly ugly and displeased.

    • Kate

      my boyfriend likes them… he says seeing how pale my breasts and bottom are makes it seem like I’m “more naked” or something.

      • Rina

        lol men are ridiculous

    • Fabel

      Yeah, I think guys tend to find them sexy whereas women just like them because of the initial positive association they get stripping down to shower after a day at the beach, seeing the tan lines, & going “yay, I got some color!!” (unless that’s just me?)

    • lucygoosey74

      I honestly don’t give a damn what they look like because when I’m sporting tan lines it means that I had a fun day at the pool with my son. For me, that’s what summer is all about.

    • Chelsea

      I’m a ginger, so I wear sunscreen out of necessity. I find tan lines unattractive, because to me an unnatural tan skin tone = skin damage which is not sexy.

    • Ally

      I don’t get them at all because I tan naked. I’m European if that says anything although I live in Canada. I don’t know how people here feel about my nudity but I know I love it.

      • Sam

        I simultaneously wish to high five you and be you.

    • Cee

      I had the awesome opportunity to travel to the East Coast this summer to meet my future in laws. Being from California, I never knew how humid summers could be! We went to water parks, beaches and pools to keep cool. Since I’m quite pale, I wore a lot of sunscreen. I tanned anyways though. I was a bit surprised that I tanned since I usually don’t. But I was excited to see pigmentation in my skin for the first time, especially because I’m hispanic and lots of my family has SOME color in them.

      I like that I have some color in my skin, I feel prettier wearing shorts right now and everyone tells me I have a pretty glow, however, I don’t like the tan lines I got. If I knew I would tan I would have worn strapless stuff because sometimes they look odd depending what you wear, but I don’t regret getting some color for once.

    • Cheryl

      I am super fair-skinned and no matter what I do, if I’m outside for more than a few minutes, I burn. The end result, a few days later, is a freckle-lined, slightly darker than the rest of me patch. I wish I could really tan.

      As for sunscreen, I wear it. And a lot of it. AND IT DOES NOT MATTER. I freckle anydamnway.

    • Gail

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    • magoo