Gallery: Important Things To Bring On A Camping Trip

What does this even mean?

If you’re reading this post right now, I’ve already set out for the wilds of upstate New York to attend a giant rock and roll camping party in the woods. What does that entail? I’m not totally sure, but I know there will be both rock and roll and camping. And, as the last time I went camping—six years ago, with Bad College Boyfriend, in the rain—wasn’t much fun, I’ve decided to be a little more thorough in my preparations this time. So thorough I’m now giving you advice. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget to bring with you when you go camping.


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    • Lastango

      Excellent advice, especially on the sausages… I can smell them already! A few more pro tips for an unforgettable experience:

      – watch The Blair Witch Project before you go. Take it with you on your laptop so you can share with rookie campers.

      – Feel free to cook and eat in your tent. Animals are your friends. Bear-proof containers and suspended caches are for sissies.

      – MYOFB. Just because you saw someone carry a propane heater into a tent and zip the fly shut does NOT mean you should be your usual anal self.

      – Don’t buzzkill by worrying about your valuables. This is a Family of Man outing! Nothing ever went missing at Woodstock, and it won’t now. Chill.

      – Park rangers enjoy a good practical joke, so find a way to surprise and delight them!

      – Hold a public reading of 50 Shades at your tend. Do you know your campsite#? Get on the web now and tell as many strangers as possible. They may want to bring something. Some may even come out just to meet YOU!

      – Bring a few extra cans of Off! and Raid! …. you ought to be able to get $50 a piece, easy.

      – Never forget, the goal is to come back with stories that make your friends say OMFG! Fortunately, back in town the walk-in clinics are open 24/7. There’s nothing they can’t fix.