Sexist Moments In The Newsroom Recap: “Bullies”

Look, I don’t want to be tossing around the word misogyny like Tom Cruise used to toss around cocktail shakers (too dated?). However, honestly, Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom is just ridiculous.  I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore (not too dated!). If I’m going to keep hate-watching this show, I’m going to recap it here so we can discuss it. So. Last night’s sexist rundown – which we’ll define by instances where female characters seem too stupid to exist in any professional world, let alone a newsroom:

Pics via  HBO/The Newsroom

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    • Eagle Eyeop

      Ugh, I so want to like Maggie, I’m her age, dealing with some of her same issues, but, I just can’t be in the room when she’s on screen, I ACTUALLY HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!

      Also, frequently getting gum in your hair is not something people with any level of functionality do, I realize that it was there for a laugh, but goodness, can they please stop picking on MacKenzie?!?

      Also the ring thing?!? REALLY ?!?

      Ugh, its really too bad the show is just so entertaining, or else I’d finally stop watching it…

    • aheartmedicine
    • Shae

      I’ve been rewatching “The West Wing” while I’ve been watching “The Newsroom”, and honestly? Yes, Sorkin’s writing performs an intellectual beat down on women. But I realized that this is something he’s been doing for a while – even CJ on “The West Wing”, who is commonly viewed as one of the strongest female characters in television history, has her buffoon moments. I feel like the difference is the casting choice. Would Mackenzie really be so problematic if an actress with a strong personality was playing her?

      For instance, CJ has a conversation with her aide about “I’m Too Sexy”. It’s a pointless, circular conversation that makes pop-culture savvy CJ seem a little stupid – but it doesn’t read that way. It reads like she’s actually questioning a deeper meaning in the song, and then the song is later referenced in a scene between CJ and Toby. Were Mackenzie from “The Newsroom” to have the SAME conversation, she would sound as though she was making nervous chatter to fill time.

      So, I’ll keep watching and hoping that they find some actresses who can actually pull this shit off.

    • Megan

      I used to think LOL meant lots of luck. I learned otherwise as a freshman in high school in 2001.

      I feel like Sorkin is just trying to make his characters look dumb for laughs and it ends up bring awkward, instead of funny, and unrealistic instead of character building. Seriously, one dumb character is okay and plenty of people unfortunately mixed up the Georgias, but to have Maggie said dumb things, Jim not know where penguins live, Mac get gum in her hair, and Sloane not know “expanding,” it’s unrealistic, annoying, and painful to watch.

    • ellemck1

      I hope the theory about this being a bunch of mental patients and the real newsroom staff being locked up somewhere is true. And that they break out and make things better.