Poll: Does Queen Elizabeth Give A S*#t About What ‘The View’ Ladies Think Of Her?

If you watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics over the weekend, you know that that Queen Elizabeth showed up in a sketch wearing a flashy dress, and then appeared at the games themselves to wave and smile.

Only she didn’t actually do much smiling. Instead, England’s fearless leader managed to eek out sort of a smirk, before her face turned into a downright frown.

Well, there are some Americans who do not like to see a frown, and they include the hosts of “The View.” In dissecting the queen’s appearance, Barbara Walters noted that, “It’s such a sour face…Would it have killed this woman, this queen, to [smile]?”

Whoopi Goldberg added on, asking “What could have created that face? Too tight a girdle? Shoes that didn’t fit?”

And in turn, here is our question for you: What do you think is the likelihood that the queen gives a flying fuck about what the hosts of “The View” think about her face?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Photo via WENN.com

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    • Kj

      THEY WISH they were as awesome as the queen.

      This photo proves she is the shiz.

      • Amy

        HA! She is the shiz.

        Buzzfeed had a funny photo slideshow of the “Queen’s 16 Most Excited Faces Of The Opening Ceremony” and they were all of her looking dour. Hilarious, but she is the fucking queen, she don’t have to smile for no one no how.

    • Amy

      Here are some things – decorum, composure, reserve, class. Added up they mean you don’t sit there grinning like a drunken fool just because Americans think that’s charming. She’s the Head of State not a variety performer. And whilst I’m not a fan of the monarchy I fully believe she does it better than anyone else. And that sketch showed she can roll with the comedy for the peeps at home!

    • porkchop

      This is probably just her natural expression. She is an old woman, and there is such a thing as gravity. And she’s probably trying to see as well.

      • JenniWren

        Yep. Queenie hasn’t been able to do a full, tooth-baring grin for YEARS. She’s 86, for crying out loud!

    • Shae

      Of course she doesn’t care. Because she’s boss.

      Also, dude. She’s up there for HOURS. Who can possibly smile that long?

    • Aj

      Ok so this makes me feel a bit better because now I know that even queens get the “Why don’t you put a smile on that face?” when they’re just out living their lives :)

      But seriously, this pisses me off. I have a theory that when you get that old you should be able to do pretty much whatever the fuck you want and people shouldn’t say anything about it. Why would she sit there grinning the entire time like an idiot if she didn’t actually want to? And like someone already said, gravity’s a mother fucker. Her face clearly naturally settles that way.

      One more thing to make me HATE the View.

    • Aj

      Oh, and I just love how there’s no comment from the view on the grumpy-like expressions of the men beside the queen. Granted, they aren’t the queen so they don’t matter as much, but I’m willing to bet that if the queen was a king no one would’ve had shit to say.

    • Melissa Goodman

      She was picking at her fingernails, it seems and the BBC caught it on film: