How Does Lisa Frank Live? Exactly How You Think

If you’re anything like us, you had an aversion to Lisa Frank even at the age when you had to buy a trapper keeper. Unfortunately, most stores offered two options: Lisa Frank and stuff just as cynically awful for boys. Anyway, the reclusive Frank gave a rare interview to the Daily recently and discussed her billion dollar trapper keeper/sticker/stationary empire. She also says she understands Michael Jackson because it’s hard to live under public scrutiny. The whole thing is weird and worth a read.

Oh. And it ends like this:

It’s been a fresh start, not unlike a new school year, but, shored up by her sons, rainbow-colored pedicures, and two snuggly Golden Retrievers [like the ones on her stickers], Frank remains herself. “My house really is purple,” she promised, “and yellow and hot pink and light green and orange.”


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    • Spastastic

      Aw man, you guys just made me feel bad that I liked Lisa Frank when I was in elementary school. I think I only had a couple folders or something — the “cool” girls had Lisa Frank everything.

    • Alle C

      I had Lisa Frank stuff all through high school, too. No shame in my game.

    • Fabel

      Me three! Maybe it was just like, one notebook & some stickers, but I never disliked Lisa Frank stuff. And I think it’s kinda cool she keeps herself out of the spotlight.

    • Jamie Peck

      I fucking loved Lisa Frank. Fuck it, I still do. They go very well with psychedelics.

    • Sam

      My last semester of college, all the folders I used were from Lisa Frank. It was infinitely easier to find them in the black hole that is my car’s back seat where I throw everything. Plus, I could never be depressed during lengthy lit lectures when I had like 10 neon cats smiling at me.

    • Jenny

      Thank you! I’m glad you guys loved Lisa Frank as much as I did. It’s back to school season right now. I might drive on over to the store and buy me some trapper keepers.

    • T

      I demand pictures of her house’s interior, just for the sake of burning curiosity.

    • lucygoosey74

      I’m in my (late) 30′s and I admit it, I still find myself drawn to Lisa Frank stuff, and still buy her notebooks, folders and stickers. Sorry, but I just can’t go wrong with kittens, rainbows and bubbles.
      My husband needed a notebook for work the other day and all I had was my hoard of Lisa Frank and Hello Kitty ones, I had to go to the store and (gasp! The horror!) buy him a plain blue one. It just felt so wrong!