Gore Vidal’s 10 Best Insults

Gore Vidal once claimed “Anybody who insults me is going to get it right back”. Wow, they got it back. (Including some people who didn’t insult him, but they probably looked as though they might.)

Pics via Wiki

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    • Lindsay

      Intelligent insults hurt the most. He was spot on regarding the newspaper/voters and speech writing/reading lines.

    • porkchop

      What about that time that he said Truman Capote looked like a fetus?

    • June

      Wow. I could only hope I could be this witty,

    • Harold Stassen

      And now Vidal is another triumph of the embalmer’s art.

    • Alison

      I wish you had said who *all* the insults were leveled at (because I am too lazy to google them).