Ryan Lochte Should Maybe Do Some Prep Work Before Interviews

Look, I don’t want to be the person to objectify another person, but I’m watching this video of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte doing interviews over the years, and I’m wondering if maybe he’s a little better when…well, when he has a chance to prepare before speaking on camera.

Let’s say that.

Because the collection, put together by Buzzfeed, is not pretty. In one round of questioning, a reporter (kind of meanly, but maybe there was some context we’re missing) asks him what seven times four is. He answers, “21.” (To be fair, multiplication on the spot is a sneaky way to make someone look bad. I might well have failed that test also.)

Another reporter asks him what his personal style is, and he responds: “It would be a mixture between rock star, slash, and like, hip-hop.”

I don’t think typing his answers out is doing the whole thing justice. Really the most notable aspect of the interviews is that Lochte seems to be worlds away mentally during each and every interview. Maybe it’s just that Michael Phelps isn’t the only US Olympic swimmer who enjoys a good bong hit.

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    • Paige

      Lochte kinda seems douchey to me… not only does he kinda suck at interviews but he’s always wearing a stupid grill.

      • Ellen W.

        I thought it was so cute that he was still wearing braces! They aren’t going to put him on a Wheaties box with a gill!

      • Ellen W.

        “grill” not gill. I think he would be disqualified if he had gills.