Ed Westwick In A Jumpsuit: How Do You Feel?

Ed Westwick was strolling the NYC set of Gossip Girl yesterday, enjoying some delicious earbuds. He wore a jumpsuit. That is him.

We have a complicated relationship with jumpsuits: they’re so comfortable and they can be really flattering. They make you look so fresh! They’re effortless!

But, man, they can really suck.

That complicated relationship turns especially complicated when you add “sweat jumpsuit” to the mix and unzip it halfway down your torso, so that gawking tourists who’ve assembled to watch you film Gossip Girl can see a little more of your man chest. Also: flip-flops.

How do you feel about the public display of comfort? Or jumpsuits in general? Or jumpsuits and flip-flops?

(Photo via Wenn)

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    • Jen

      He looks completely ridiculous. And sexy.

      I’m conflicted.

      • Fabel

        Right? I’m not even particularly attracted to him, but I really love chest hair (even though this is a ridiculous display of it) & also feel as if he’s probably just totally naked under this thing. Which makes it sort of sexy.

    • Lastango

      Jumpsuits are for women.

      On a guy, a jumpsuit is, well, as un-masculine as tall boots worn for style. (Real cowboys, fishermen, horseback riders, etc. exempted.)

    • Maggie

      If he was wearing something else on his feet, maybe. But with the flip-flops… No. No no no.

    • BL

      I hate this… and yet all I’m thinking is, “Get on top of me please!!!”

    • alexandra

      No. I hate everything about this.

    • K. Burgess

      I can’t help but admit that I think it’s secretly hot. Never in my life did I think I’d say wearing a sweatsuit jumper with flip flops looks badass.

    • Amy

      I think it looks horrendous, but I would love one of those!

      …only to wear, like, around my house when I’m sick. Or when camping.