6 Fashion Mistakes Every Woman Makes

We sometimes think of fashion faux pas as being along the lines of “wearing a mesh dress to meet the Pope.” To that I say, “Pope jokes are pretty fun.” But we’re not going to share any here! Instead we’re going to talk about the 6 fashion missteps that every woman has taken at some point, whether in Uggs or not (feel free to share yours).

Picture via Several Discarded Napkins

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    • Lastango

      I’ll add one I see all the time: getting desperate. A woman needs to wear her party, night-on-the-town-with-her-sweetie stuff every once in a while.

      If it’s been a while since she was out for an evening, a primal urge will get the better of her and she’ll wear one of those outfits and those shoes in the middle of the day and to an inappropriate occasion. She needs a date!

      • Kj

        Love it! Inappropriate formal wear wearing must be kept at home.

      • Goldie

        This reminds me of a dark time in my life when I carried an Express credit card. It didn’t have anything to do with needing a date or being desperate though, just bad taste and poor judgement.

    • Amy

      Is there a polite way to tell someone they are overdoing it on the tanning? Some people really seem to have no idea that they’ve surpassed the just-got-back-from-a-tropical-vacation glow and have now become that creepy brownish orange colour.

      Next slideshow: how to conduct a tantervention.

    • Maggie

      Ahh I had the blouse-gaping situation happen at work a couple of weeks ago! I was checking in a patient who brought her 4-year-old son with her, and I leaned over the counter to give her the paperwork and my blouse must have gaped, because the charming little lad said, nice and loud, “Mommy, I can almost see her whole boobies!” So embarrassing.

    • Scarlett

      Maggie, dont feel bad. I had my “gaping” situation when I was in high school and was interning at our middle school. I flashed a few 6th grade boys … ::facepalm:: I learned my lesson, no bra-less shirts for this gal EVER. I’m still horrified by that.

    • awalltrend
    • Isabella

      I had to laugh at the self tanner one! (well all were humerous) this one hit home because I have a co-worker who is basically orange most of the time and not only that she stinks! You ladies know the self tanner smell. It’s horrible. What is a person to do. People are shocked when they see her and often look to me with these gaping eyes, trying to understand. I have no answer for them. I wish I did. It’s a most uncomfortable environment but a great job, so I stay … I just wish there was nose plugs that weren’t too obvious.

    • Sarah

      Oh my god yes on accidentally flashing. I got this yellow dress last year that I was in love with and that SEEMED entirely opaque – until I went walking around campus and wondered why people seemed to be giving me funny looks, got back to my dorm, and realized that in actual light I could see my bra and underwear and…basically everything through it x_X I kind of wanted to die.

      • Amy

        I had a similar incident with a dress I wore to a formal event. I was helping plan the event so I had arrived early in street clothes and hadn’t really thought anything of putting on black underwear in the morning. Later, when I put on the dress (which is white on the bottom!), you could see a black thong shining through. Good thing the dress had lots of layers because I just wrapped toilet paper all around the thong until it looked white.

        Not a great night.

      • woo

        Amy that is crazy resourceful! Kudos!!

    • lucygoosey74

      I am INNOCENT! I will not claim that I’ve never had a fashion faux pas, but I have never ever done any of these horrible things.

    • Heidi

      Save 3 & 4 for Halloween.

      What about the pretty ‘thong” underwear, but the tag is hanging out?