Poll: Are You Offended By Beach Volleyball Bikinis?

Beach volleyball players, once forced to bare nigh their entire bodies while performing on the world stage, are now allowed to cover up when competing at the Olympics.

But not all of them did: Ladies from Russia, Italy and England — among others — still rocked two-piece bathing suits out there on the sand once the competition began a few days ago in London, prompting things like this gallery at Buzzfeed and rampant internet speculation over what it all means.

My personal opinion? These athletes are badass. They look amazing. If they want to wear bikinis — for whatever reason — more power to them.

But what do you think? Do you think it’s objectifying? Or do you think it’s empowering? Or do you think something else that I don’t even know about?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Photo: Matthew Hynes / WENN

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    • Lindsey

      Literally the only time I’ve been offended by another person’s clothing: when they show up way under dressed (just because it’s disrespectful to the host), when they borrow my clothes and then go have sex with people.

      And for the bikinis, I think it’s what they’re used to. I heard one of them said something about how hot it is, and that it wasn’t fair that the men had to keep their shirts on because of overheating. They might also get better sponsorships to have a brand name on their bikini butt rather on their onesie’s shoulder.

      I think it’s weird, the beach volleyball players have a much different body type than the indoor volleyball players.

      • Aj

        I haven’t noticed the difference in body type myself, but any difference might be because difference in terrain. I’m thinking it’s easier to get around on a plain floor than in the sand. It might be harder to get a good grip in the sand, thus requiring more work in different muscles.

      • Lindsey


        I think the indoor volleyball players are more muscular in their legs. I think maybe because they do less running and more jumping/lunging. Like, looking at the beach volleyball girls they are SO lean. Then again, maybe it’s just an age thing.

    • Kylie

      I’m not offended by their uniforms, but I’m offended by the way in which they are photographed by some members of the media. Many of the pictures taken are from the neck down. :( Lol if male athletes were photographed like that there would be an uproar! Exhibit A: http://jezebel.com/5931086/some-olympics-photographers-are-leering-pretty-hard-at-beach-volleyball-players

      • len132

        Exactly! I’m not at all offended by the actual clothes, but I’m offended by the pictures and the commentary. When the American team wore long pants and shirts (because it was 55 degrees out) I heard several male commentators complaining about it. That just pisses me off.

      • Elizabeth
      • JenniWren

        It’s not just the photographers though. The commentators and even the flippin’ mayor of London have all been dropping comments about how sexy it all is and how lots of men must be tuning in for the sexy sexiness. These are Olympic athletes we’re talking about – it’s massively disrespectful to refer to them as though they were just eye-candy. That being said, I don’t think they should change their uniforms- I just think we as a society need to grow the heck up when it comes to women in bikinis.

    • Becky

      Just wanted to point out it’s Great Britain – not England!

    • porkchop

      One of the expectations in beach volleyball is that, over the course of a match, you get so much sand in your cooch that it weights you down and you can’t jump as high–it would just be unsporting to avoid it.