Lingerie Line Boux Avenue Taps Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley For New Campaign

Brit lingerie brand Boux Avenue has a new campaign face: the gorgeous Robyn Lawley, who happens to be 6’2” (!) and a US size 12/14. What’s particularly awesome about this casting? Boux Avenue isn’t a plus size lingerie brand*. They’re just a little forward-thinking.

Lawley exploded onto the modeling scene when she first appeared on that landmark Vogue Italia cover (and in its racy accompanying editorial). She followed it up with a starring turn on the cover of French Revue de Modes and a striking shoot with Australian Vogue, where she even got to keep her clothes on. Now she’s landed a lingerie campaign. We hope this means she’s sticking around for a while.

Here’s another shot of Robyn for Boux Avenue (but if you’d like to see more, she’s all over their website):

*Or, at least their Wiki makes no mention of it, their previous campaign star was Ola Jordan and all the models on the site appear to be straight size.

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    • JenniWren

      This is awesome, but it just makes me even sadder that I can’t shop there. The lingerie is beautiful and really well priced, but my back size is a 28 and they only go as low as a 30. The staff are uber helpful too, and last time I was there they looked high and low for styles where the back might come up small, but to no avail :-(

      • Hooty

        It is sad. I’ve taken to adjusting 30 bands so they’ll fit my ribcage, but it annoys me that I have to. A lot of their catalogue back shots show the bras on the third hook, so they don’t fit the models either.

        I’ve been told that there’s not as much demand for 28 (or tighter) bands, but I think that’s because most people don’t realise that they need the very smallest size available. If everybody got properly sized, the required range would probably go beyond 24.

      • nnk

        I have the same problem! It’s nearly impossible to find anything smaller than 32 where I live (Australia) and being an F/G cup makes it even more difficult.

        This model is really gorgeous and it’s refreshing to see people of different sizes modelling.

      • sheherbano

        eeeek me too! i found a couple the other day that came up tighter and which i bought, though, one of which is the peachy one she’s wearing in the first picture. but yeah, same problem. their fitting rooms are SO nice, also.