Gallery: Uncle Terry Manages To Look Creepy In A Tuxedo For His David Webb Jewelry Campaign

I’ve always been a fan of dirtbags in tuxedos. There’s something about the combo of stubble, neck tattoos, and a nice, sharp tux that just makes me want to drool all over someone. Of course, this affinity does not extend to Terry Richardson, who takes a shot at making this look work as he puts his paws all over model Eniko Mihalik in the “Richardson shot” David Webb fall 2012 jewelry campaign. Question: Does Uncle Terry’s energetic touching of a woman many years his junior make any of you want to buy the jewelry depicted? I realize I might be biased, so I figure I should ask.

(Via Fashionista)

Photos: Terry Richardson for David Webb

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    • MM

      I’m tired of this guy taking pictures of himself with his subjects. I don’t want to look at him! He is not pretty!

    • mel

      all pictures with terry’s face in it, make me want to throw up…

    • Fabel

      Yeah, the jewelry is pretty much the last thing I notice in these pictures because I’m too busy being horrified. Ugh.

    • lucygoosey74

      Wow, I barely noticed Uncle Pedo in the pics because the jewelry is so freakin’ awsome!

    • Em

      Hmm, this perfectly reflects all my preconceptions about Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships, since I tend—judgementally, I know—to assume that the men are all Uncle Terry pervs, and the girls are all bored to the teeth with them.

      That said, unless they set out to try to do nothing other than vindicate my prejudices, I just don’t get the point of the campaign. Surely it would put people off? I mean, I doubt even an SD would look at that and go, “Ooh, I could buy Branwen a bunch of jewellery and then I’d be just like Uncle T and she’d be like that model who can’t wait to go immerse herself in antibacterial soap!” I mean, unless your average SD is a really honest and self-aware kind of guy. Or, you know, a giant creep who wants to be just like T-bag the d-bag….

      Still, leaving the point of the campaign aside, the whole thing is worth it just to see the model’s amazing expressions of condescension and/or boredom and/or disgust, because c’mon you guys, it’s TERRY. Just look at her face, especially slides 2 and 5.

    • Em

      Also, did anyone else notice how crazy photoshopped he is? Compare 1 through 3 with the rest….

    • akzlight

      hellz feckin’ no I don’t want to buy that jewelry when I see him looking right back at me WHILE fondling a 17 year old in a leotard!! lol