$250,000 Black Diamond Nail Polish Makes Strong Statement About The Over-Inflated Prices Of Diamonds

JK. It just exists to make people feel poor, because they now know that someone is willing to pay $250,000 on shit that will chip off in a couple days. And when I think about it, crushed diamonds probably make for really shitty nail polish.

Have you ever gotten an extremely sparkly nail polish and your manicure just ends up bumpy and obnoxious? It doesn’t matter how many coats of clear polish you throw on top to try to even the mess out, it still chips off after a day because it’s even and catches in your hair. I have a feeling that this $250,000 Black Diamond nail polish by Azature probably does that. I mean, it’s filled with actual crushed diamonds. There’s no way that your nails would end up smooth.

Now, there are two reasons why this doesn’t matter. The first is that if you spend that much freaking money on a bottle of nail polish, you obviously just don’t give a shit about wasting money. You might as well donate a couple Birkins to Tyler Shields. Money no longer has a really meaning for a person who spends the amount of a normal person’s mortgage on their manicure.

The other reason why the fact that diamonds would make for crappy nail polish doesn’t matter is because a person with this much money doesn’t actually have to do anything with their hands. They aren’t worry about their bumpy nails catching on anything, because they don’t touch stuff. Combing your hair, putting on sweaters, typing on a computer; they have people to do these things for them. There’s no reason to mess up their manicure that costs thousands and will be worn around the edges in a week no matter what.

This really could be a lesson in why it’s so easy to diamond-encrust absolutely anything, from bras to shoes to toilets, and charge insane amounts of money for it. The price of diamonds is ridiculously high, without a whole lot of reason. But Azature doesn’t really care about that. They just want the press of creating something really expensive for us all to gawk at. I guess they succeeded there.

(Photo: Born Rich)

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    • lucygoosey74

      I’m in a really foul mood at the moment after having a night from hell at a job that dosen’t even allow me the luxury of buying a $20 bottle of nail polish.
      What kind of disgusting monster needs a bottle of $250,000 fucking nail polish?!
      A quarter million dollars for nail polish.
      I’m sorry, I can’t even think about this anymore.

    • Renee

      But unknown side benefit? The heart warming letters of admiration from starving children . Yes, they know you are wearing $250,000 nail polish, and they think you look fabulous.

    • giveaways

      I don’t think that i will be able to buy this Nail Polish in this century or the next!!


    • Lily

      What are you guys talking about?! I’m wearing it right now, it’s a truly fabulous find.

      …jk, I’ve student loans to pay. And what kind of world do we live in that sh*t like this even exists?