Is This The End Of Our Ryan Lochte Infatuation?

Over the past week or so, we’ve become pretty sprung on Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, even despite the fact that we all kind of sort of maybe agree that he should possibly consider talking just a little bit less and looking hot just a little bit more. Not to be a dick.

But ladies, we may have stumbled upon the end of the honeymoon period. Yesterday, during an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Lochte admitted to peeing in the pool:

Of course. I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go. [I didn't] during the races, but I sure did in warm-up.

So, let’s get honest about this, shall we? We’ve all peed in the pool at least once in our lives. I know we all have. Even if that once was when you were nine. Or five. Or before you were potty-trained. We’ve all done it.

But I don’t know about you — ever since I heard the rumor about a dye that they put in the pool that turns your pee blue so everyone around you can see it, I stopped. I fucking stopped so fast. I never peed in the pool again. And that was probably when I was about…OK, I’ll admit it…eight.

Now, as an adult, I wonder secretly whether that dye is real or whether it was made up by grown-ups who didn’t want to swim in a sea of urine, but you know what? Either way, it put the fear of GOD in me, and also — and here’s my point — it gave me enough time to grow up and realize that peeing in the pool is disgusting. Whether there’s a dye in it or not, you really shouldn’t pee in the pool. You should have stopped doing that when you were a kid.

So. Lochte is 28. He’s in a pool all the time. I can understand why he might not want to bother getting out. But dude. That’s gross.

Does this change the way you feel about Lochte? Or do your hormones rage on?

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    • Jenny

      Meh, Ryan Lochte never really did it for me. Now when you add peeing in the pool….gross.

      I prefer Nathan Adrian. Dude is HOT!

      • Zoe

        Nathan Adrian is incredibly attractive.

    • werbegeschenk streuartikel

      I picked this guy up in the first eye!! Knew he has got something and i am damn sure he does!!

    • Margo

      he’s an olympic champion. you think if he needs to pee that he’s gonna stop before a match or something and scuttle off to the bathroom? no. chlorine kills the germs. believe me, its fine. still hot.

    • Jaclyn

      Nope, the hormones range on.
      None of the scenarios I imagine have me swimming in the pool with him.
      Or talking to him.

    • woo

      I pretty much never swim in pools, but I swim in the ocean and in rivers. And dammit, I pee in them pretty much every time! And now, thanks to Jaime Peck convincing me to buy a shenis, I can pee standing up, off a cliff, into the ocean.

      And I would still do Lochte because he reminds me of my high school crush, who was basically Jason Segal in Freaks and Geeks.