Gallery: Leland Bobbé’s Mesmerizing Half-Drag Portraits

Photographer Leland Bobbé has a transfixing series of portraits called Half-Drag, each featuring a real New York City drag queen half made-up. For a culture so identified by its bombastic use of hair and makeup, it’s arresting to see the men beneath. Says Bobbé: “I had previously done a shot [similar to these] of burlesque performer Doctor Flux and I thought why not do something similar using real New York City drag queens. I got great feedback [on the initial portrait] so I decided to reach out to other drag queens using Facebook as my main means of communication. My shot with Flux wasn’t this tight but I thought that by shooting very tight I could really emphasize the difference between the drag side and the man side. I’ve now shot four people with many more on the way. We’ll see where this takes me…” You can see where this project has taken Bobbé over on his blog.

(via Italian Vogue)

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      Amazing. That is all.