• Mon, Aug 6 2012

Miley Cyrus Is Almost Unrecognizable In Marie Claire

Miley Cyrus covers the September issue of Marie Claire, and inside, the 19-year-old singer is virtually unrecognizable.

I mean, OK, you can tell it’s her, but she looks pretty different, you guys. First of all, she’s all fashion-y instead of all cutesy, and second of all,  there are actually a few photos in here that, out of context, I wouldn’t know were her.

Photos by Tesh via Marie Claire

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  • M -

    I’m not the biggest fan of her appearance, but that second-to-last photograph is simply gorgeous. Definitely recommend the faux-hawk for her.

    • Jessica P. Ogilvie

      Right? It’s so good.

  • L

    ughhhh why does she insist on making that idiot pouty face?!!

    neck down, she looks great.

    • Amy

      Lol, yes!

      I also do not find her face attractive in any way.