Awesome 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Talia Joy Castellano Makes Equally Awesome YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Talia Joy Castellano is a charming, well-spoken twelve-year-old who does genuinely impressive makeup tutorials on YouTube. She’s also had cancer since 2007, which has left her bald. She explains her fondness for makeup by referring to it as her “wig.”

Talia was recently diagnosed with a second form of cancer, which she announced yesterday in a devastatingly frank video. She sys, ”I’ve been [dealing with cancer] for over five years. And I’m also almost 13, so my doctors and my parents are very open about these types of things. And I’m a very strong person when it comes to dealing with what I’m being told and taking it in very easily. But… basically… there’s not really a lot of options for treatment anymore.” Her current condition leaves here with less than a year to live.

It’s impossible to write about pediatric cancer as if it’s anything other than deeply sad but this little girl is also amazing. She’s the opposite of most of the stuff we cover on a daily basis: guileless, tenacious and big-hearted. She’s also really, really good at makeup. This is Talia’s YouTube channel. All of her videos are pretty wonderful.

Here she is doing Nicki Minaj in the “Super Bass” video:

(Jezebel via HuffPo)


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    • Kate

      Oh. She’s amazing. Wow. I wish I could do something to help her. Excuse me, I need to go scream at the sky about the unfairness of childhood cancer for a year or two.

    • Cancer Treatment India

      I do not understand how small children are affected by such a deadly diseases.
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    • milenko

      please plan to send readers to know this information for Joy Talia Castellano to send them to her. In the book, the cancer can be healed, written by Father Romano Zago in the book of dr.Johane Budwig found the cure for cancer.

    • David

      Why won’t doctors give people like her and all others the real CURES that they need instead of the garbage that makes them money. How greedy for them and the drug companies. She deserves to live not die. My brother in law decided to “trust his doctor”. He was diagnosed in February, 2012 and died in June,2012. He did not want to hear about the true cures. He just wanted to trust his doctor. I hope this young lady get the real Cures and lives the life she and her family deserves. Doctors give the truth.