Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson Tells TheGloss About Wedgies

This is Shawn Johnson and me. Now that she is finished competing I feel like this picture will double as an ad/pitch for a 70's style crime show. She could think about it, maybe.

I want you all to realize how many natural impulses I had to fight down to ask an Olympic gymnast about wedgies, but I did it. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. (For those unfamiliar with Shawn Johnson, she’s a recently retired Olympic balance beam gold medalist, a floor exercise silver medalist, and a world champion. Oh. And she won Dancing with the Stars. And she’s only 20. We interviewed her at the P&G Family home in London.

TheGloss: Do you have any tricks you use before you compete that you use to keep calm? It must be really nerve-racking before you go out there.

Shawn Johnson: I always used to talk to my dad. That’s kind of a must. I’d do that before every competition, whether it was in the morning or right before, I had to hear from him. And he always gave me reassurance that “we don’t care how you do! We just want you to have fun, and go out there. But I listen to music a lot. I know a lot of athletes listen to hard-core, get the adrenaline going stuff, and I never did. I always listened to very soothing music, just to keep myself calm.

TheGloss: Do you have any favorite songs?

SJ: I always listened to “Have a Little Faith in Me” by Mandy Moore. It was something about it. It got to me. I always listened to it before a competition.

ED NOTE: Let’s all listen now:

TG: Was there a time in your life when your life that you realized this was going to be a career? I did gymnastics growing up and it was pretty clear that it was not going to be one for me early on.

SJ: I think that’s only become apparent to me more recently. In 2008 I knew that I was being given so many opportunities to do stuff with gymnastics, but taking it in as a career and seeing it as my job only became something when I was doing during my comeback [in 2010, after tearing her ACL]. Earlier on, it was just for fun. I never thought it was going to take my anywhere. I just thought it was, you know, an after school activity.

TG: I know you’ve had some injuries, and you mentioned your body needed a rest. I’ve heard a lot about joint damage that gymnasts end up with. Is there anything you can do to prevent that? Do you worry about it?

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    • Maggie

      Love love love what you are wearing

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      Awesome :)

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      O my goodness!! Can’t believe my eyes!! :P


    • lucygoosey74

      Great article, and yes, your outfit is smashing! I’m having difficulty getting past her duckface though. a talented gal like her does not need to do duckface. Sorry to be bitchy about it, but something just snaps inside me when I’m within 50 feet of duckface.

    • Kj

      You look so different in non-clandestine webcam photos

    • Heidi

      I enjoyed the interview, but one thing that left me puzzled and wished that you had followed up on was what exactly would be wrong with having hair with braided pig tails?

      By the way, I noticed this year that the female members of the ball people squad (the people that run around fetching the balls for the players) at Wimbledon wear braided pig tails.